Monday, December 24, 2007

White Christmas?

For those of you hoping for another winter blast to add some more snow, well- you got your wish, I think.

It is kind of hard to tell. It did snow here in Kenosha yesterday, but with 37 mph winds, I think most of the snow is now in Iowa.

The wind was so bad, here in Kenosha, that after a Cessna landed safely at the Kenosha airport, the wind blew the Cessna so hard that it nosed down and slid off the runway.

Shortly after rescue crews pulled a woman and her college-aged daughter out of the plane, the wind flipped the Cessna all the way over.

That is windy, folks.

With 30+ mph winds, if you are out shopping with your kids today, keep a tight grip on 'em- don't want to lose anyone before Santa comes.

It is supposed to snow again tomorrow night- so the white Christmas appears to be on it's way.

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