Sunday, December 02, 2007

The New Republic finally retracts "Shock Troops" stories

Wow, it took months and months for The New Republic to retract the stories written by the soldier Scott Thomas Beauchamp.

Instead of issuing an apology to US Soldiers, Franklin Foer (editor of the New Republic) wasted 14 pages on making excuses, blaming others and slamming bloggers and other writers for their screwup!

Here are some of Foer's words(highlighted in blue):

A day later, Goldfarb sent a link to an item on the Standard blog. It quoted an anonymous source who said the story sounded like a collection of the "This is no bullshit ... stories soldiers like to tell."

Don't tell me that Franklin Foer actually had the nerve to accuse another writer of using an "anonymous" source! The entire story was by an "anonymous" source, backed up by more "anonymous" sources!

By the weekend, the Standard's editor, William Kristol, published an editorial that, without evidence, pronounced the Diarist an open-and-shut case.

Without evidence!!!! Funny how we now find out months later that Kristol was right!

"They are our best and bravest," Kristol wrote--as if our soldiers were plaster saints immune from the traumas of war.

Huh? With this comment, Franklin Foer continues his campaign against American troops!

All over the blogosphere, people who presented themselves as experts claimed that the events described in the piece could never have happened.

Oh, I see, it is the bloggers fault that the New Republic has a agenda!

Beauchamp instant-messaged us that officers had "made people sign sworn statements saying that brads don't intentionally hit dogs and that no mass grave was found" at his combat outpost--"in fact, that no human remains at all were found there." Beauchamp said he was under enormous stress. "[I] wanted to get out of the room alive," he told us.

Now Foer is blaming the military. The stories they published were actually true, but the army was forcing people to sign statements saying they were not true.

This excuse sounds eerily familiar to Rathergate.

But conservative bloggers who were fixated on this controversy--one arrived unannounced at TNR's offices with a video camera, another later attempted to organize an advertiser boycott of the magazine--were treated differently.

Oh well, back to blaming the conservative bloggers for this. TNR did not really do anything wrong, it was the fault of the conservative bloggers who were fixated!

conservative blogger Confederate Yankee posted an interview with Major John Cross, the executive officer of Beauchamp's battalion who led the official Army investigation. This surprised us: We had repeatedly requested to speak to someone with substantive information on the investigation and were never told of Cross's availability. After reading the exchange with Confederate Yankee, we booked time with him later in the week.

Okay, now Foer has moved back to blaming the military again.

Here it is, probably the most vile personal attack in this article, Foer stooped to a new low, check this out:

It(the Army) first gave the story of Beauchamp's supposed fraudulence to a former porn actor turned blogger named Matt Sanchez.

Yeah, Franklin Foer is a perfect example of the tolerant left.

By the way, anyone interested in reading Matt Sanchez's blog, click here. Great stuff. He is a good writer trying to tell the stories of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To all my friends who read this blog and call me long winded, you ain't seen nothing yet until you read these 14 pages of drivel from Franklin Foer.

What we do know is that The New Republic is in serious trouble. There credibility is gone.

If they are looking to regain some credibility, Franklin Foer and many others need to go.

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