Friday, February 29, 2008

There is a price to be paid

Elections matter.

I hope we have learned a lesson about those so-called conservative folks who stayed home and refused to get involved in the 2006 election. Republicans paid a heavy price in 2006, now those results are coming back to bite us in the tail.

Many of these same so-called real conservatives are threatening to do the same thing in November 2008.

Now those issues that "real conservatives" believe in have close to zero chance of passing in Wisconsin because we gave up control of the Wisconsin Senate to the Democrats-

If your number 1 issue is illegal immigration you will be happy to note that the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill yesterday that would bar local governments from creating rules that would block local officials from asking about illegal immigration status.

This bill has no chance of making it through the Democrat controlled state senate.

If abortion is your number one issue, the Wisconsin Assembly finally passed a ban to partial birth abortion.

This bill has no chance of making it through the Democrat Controlled state senate.

If renewable energy is your number one issue, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill to lift a 25 year ban on new nuclear energy plants.

Russ Decker has promised that this bill has no chance of making it through the Democrat controlled state senate, he won't even bring it to the floor to vote.

If parental controlled education is your number one issue, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill that removes the caps that are throttling virtual home schools.

This bill has little chance of passing in the Democrat controlled state senate and if it does pass, the Governor will veto it.

If taxes are your number one issue, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a economic stimulus package that includes tax breaks for small business.

This bill has no chance of passing in a Democrat controlled state senate.

After reading though this entire list of issues that are so important to conservatives and knowing that they will go nowhere with the Democrats in charge, I am more resolved than ever to fight for better government.

Elections are important and sitting this one out because of parsing of words, is just not good enough.

I will give everything I have over the next eight months to ensure that Senator John McCain is our next President. I am 100% fully in the John McCain camp!

I will also give everything I have to ensure that Ben Bakke is elected to replace the Democrat Bob Wirch in our state senate.

Perhaps conservatives will learn something here. There is no such thing as perfect.

One thing is certain-

No battle is ever won, unless you are willing to fight!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Does your vote count in Wisconsin?

The idea that Wisconsin can hold clean, competent, and fair elections in this state, based on the current voting system, is dead.

In a report released a couple of days ago by a MPD task force looking into voter irregularities of the 2004 elections found massive problems.

Within minutes after the report was released, the reaction by local and state officials and the local media was highly dismissive.

Governor Doyle reacted in anger. Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel immediately became defensive stating the problems have all been fixed

Political pundits immediately dismissed this report by claiming that there was very little evidence of voter fraud.

All of these people have missed the big picture.

As legal American citizens, Wisconsin residents have the right to vote and that vote should count.

After reading that report – Can Governor Doyle, Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the political pundits look every single legal Wisconsin voter in the eye and tell them that their vote counts?

Of course not, they cannot look every single voter in eye and tell him or her their vote counted, because not every vote counted.

In order to advance this conversation, let us toss aside the accusations of voter fraud for just a moment.

Voting in Wisconsin has turned into absolute chaos. Worse yet, we have created this chaos ourselves and the status quo from the Democrat elected officials is to continue to defend the chaos.

Anyone reading this simple statement in the report recognizes that we have create chaos in our voting system in Wisconsin:

Under the current system, a motivated group, i.e. abortion, gun control, school
choice could flood the race and determine the outcome because it is apparent
that the Milwaukee Election Commission allows anyone who shows up at a polling
location, even when listing a address outside of the Ward or city, to vote.

Think about that statement for just a moment and remember everything that has been happening at our polling locations over the last several years.

Lawyers packed the polling locations, hundreds of people jammed into locations that are way to small, heated political battles and continuous rule changes by our state’s election commission.

The incredible amount of pressure being put on our poll workers makes you wonder why anyone would volunteer to work at the polls. The moment you attempt to challenge anyone’s status, the lawyers hanging around launch into you.

Immediately they call goes out- Disenfranchisement! Disenfranchisement! A voter is being disenfranchised!

Next we have massive amounts of people crashing the polls demanding to vote. A poll worker attempting to tell someone that they are at the wrong polling location gets an immediate backlash from the voter. Once again, the call of “disenfranchisement” goes out.

Poll workers have very little way of checking to see if addresses are legitimate and if those addresses are actually in the correct ward. Even if they do figure it out, they then have to send the voter away to vote at a different location.

Next, we asking poll workers to verify that each voter coming into their polling stations are legal voters and yet, we do not give them the tools to identify them properly. Anyone handing over a piece of mail with their address and then verbally give the last 4 digits of their social security number can legally vote. Any 4 numerical digits will do apparently, because there is no way to verify the numbers one way or another.

If you read through the report you will see that thousands and thousands of mistakes were made at every level of the voting process.

Retraining poll workers does not fix the problem- eliminating the incredible pressure they are under and giving them the tools to identify voters is the only way to fix this problem.

This is the system that we have created in Wisconsin and we wonder why the voting process cannot be trusted. Every state has faced the same problems that we are currently facing in Wisconsin. Most state governments are attempting to fix the problem.

Our elected officials have made it very clear they are not interested in fixing the problems; they are spending too much time defending the process.

Even in the state of Illinois, where voting irregularities have become a joke, you have to register to vote 30 days in advance. There is no same day voter registration.

This is the mess that the Wisconsin government has created.

Each and every legal voter in this state has had the constitutional right to vote hindered by our Wisconsin government.

The reason we cannot trust the voting system in Wisconsin, is because the government has created an untrustworthy system.

If the government is wondering why voter fraud has become such a huge issue in this state it is because they have created a system where fraudulent voting is easy.

Even if massive fraud were not taking place- why in the world would the government insist on continuing to open our elections up to possible fraud?

It is like leaving the bank vault open and then being shocked when someone steals from it. Once they have stolen from it, you then make the claim that they only took $1000 dollars and not $1 million, so that is okay. No, it is not okay. The bank has an obligation to their customers to protect the customer’s money.

The same is true with our government.

Governor Doyle, state legislators and the state elections board(now the Government Accountability Board) has the constitutional obligation to ensure that elections are fair in Wisconsin.

The Governor, the state legislators and the GAO have miserably failed Wisconsin voters and must immediately fix the problems.
Governor Doyle and the Democrat State Legislators- DO YOUR JOB!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kehl cannot be forced to step down

Legally, indicted Kenosha County Executive Allan Kehl cannot be forced to step down.

However, a public outcry could force it to happen.

The question is- does Kenosha want Allan Kehl to step down?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That was fun

Have you ever played the game of "dodge the potholes" going 65mph down an icy interstate?

I have. Very exciting.

If you survive- you win!

I survived, I win, yeah me!

Cannot see the forest for all the trees...

I see that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is addressing campaign finance reform as it relates to WI Supreme Court Justices. Although I understand their argument, I am not sure if new laws accomplish anything.

So, conservatives, how would you feel about your tax dollars going to help elect state Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler Jr.?

So, liberals, how would you feel about your tax dollars going to help elect state Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler?

That is the one of the real choices we are faced with.

Even if you believe that public financing of these supreme court justices campaigns is the way to go, how do you stop the special interest groups?

These 527 groups are financing the campaigns, but are not necessarily giving directly to the candidates themselves.

Common sense folks attempting to support the candidates of their choice, would give their money to these 527 groups instead of directly to the candidates. There are very few rules controlling these groups. Any individual can give millions of dollars to these groups and their identities will protected.

Basically, you are shifting the millions of dollars poured into these campaigns away from the scrutiny of campaign finance laws and placed the millions of dollars directly into the hands of murky 527 groups that can keep their finances hidden.

These 527 groups have a monstrous effect on our elections anyway, can you imagine the incredible power you will place into their hands?

These special interest groups will have complete control over the elections and the airwaves.

If our state legislature does pass a bill forcing supreme court justices to adhere public financing, what would they really accomplish other than stifling good and honest people from donating to the candidates of their choice?

My fear is that with this passage of legislation, the problem will grow from being a big problem into a monster problem.

Until the problem with these 527 special interest groups are brought under control by our federal government, any passage of new state laws will do nothing more than destroy the integrity of elections. This will drive the money in politics even further underground into these murky well hidden 527 groups.

Yes, we all want integrity in our election process. The passage of this legislation does nothing more than take a big problem and creates a monstrous problem.

Monday, February 25, 2008

No More Tax Increases!!!

The Democrats that control our state may be able to snooker the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opinion editors, but they cannot snooker me.

How many times have we heard these types of statements before:

It is not really a tax increase; in the long run it will be cheaper.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is again trying to make that argument as they continue to support a $400 million tax increase on hospitals that would be passed on to patients.

We know. Just using the word "tax" in a sentence these days is enough to make
many people in Wisconsin ill. But this is different, because the tax actually
will help to reduce costs, which is why the Wisconsin Hospital Association, the
very group whose members will bear the tax, is solidly behind the proposal.

The thinking by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is as follows:

The Democrats increase taxes on the hospitals. In doing so, the state government then gets higher Medicaid kickbacks from the federal government. The state government then pays the hospitals at a higher rate for Medicare costs.

Next the hospitals received a tax increase, but in addition they also received higher Medicaid payments from the state.

In theory, the hospitals should be passing on the extra Medicaid payments as a savings to us, the patients.

Amazingly, things never seem to work out that way- do they?

Inevitable, the government always has an excuse as to why they could not pass the savings onto the common taxpayer.

This type of government thinking in the past has burned us. Can you say tax increase and Miller Park? This also was supposed to eventually be a savings for the average taxpayer. Funny how things did not work out that way.

Every single Wisconsinite is feeling the pinch of today’s economy.

Just like the average Wisconsinite, our state government is just going to have to bite the bullet and cut back on their spending. That is life. This is how grownups act.

The Democrats in this state want to stick it to middle class Wisconsin and force the taxpayers to bail them out of their horrible spending habits.

These guys have been spending money like drunken sailors and now it is time to fulfill all of those campaign promises that they made to their constituents.

Even the Democrats (yes, Senator Wirch, I am talking about you), made campaign promises not to raise taxes. Once again, they are going back on their word because the financial squeeze is on.

Yes, there is an economic slowdown and there is not way to just pin the blame on the Republicans.

The Democrats are going to have to learn how to make the tough choices and fulfill their commitments anyway. That is what the rest of us grownups in Wisconsin are doing. Now it’s there turn.

Once again, the Democrats may have been able to snooker the MJS editors, but they cannot snooker the rest of us.

We know that a tax increase means just that- a TAX INCREASE!

No more tax increases!

Congress is dragging their heels again

The Senate managed to get their act together and come up with a bi-partisan piece of legislation that would once again fix our outdated FISA policies, but now Speaker Nancy Pelosi is dragging her heels.


I don't know. Because she can, I guess.

It is time for the people that control Congress to grow up.

From the desk of Congressman Paul Ryan-

“I am extremely disappointed that the House Democratic leadership has chosen to allow the Protect America Act to expire rather than take the necessary steps to safeguard America. This legislation offers a badly needed modernization of FISA, and without it, the ability of our intelligence community to gather information will be significantly weakened. It is an inexcusable choice that could have disastrous consequences. By refusing to allow a vote, Speaker Pelosi is ignoring the will of Congress. It seems plain to me that, at the very least, our national security is far too important to allow politics to circumvent good policy,” Ryan said.

“Earlier this week, the Senate passed a bipartisan update to FISA that contains critical tools that protect our national security and help keep us safe at home. I believe that my colleagues in the House are capable of the same spirit of cooperation. It is absolutely essential that we update FISA for the long-term because, plain and simple, the jihadists will not rest. We must utilize each tool at our disposal to combat them at every turn, and match their resolve with equal measure.”
This is about the safety of Americans and protecting ourselves from the terrorists that want to kill us.

Grow up, Speaker Pelosi! Do your job!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama: Is American ready for this dangerous leftwinger?

From the other side of the pond, there are folks sounding alarm bells at the dangers of European style leftism.

Will we listen and learn from them?

Just like Beatlemania, Europe is the center of another cult, known as extreme leftism. As it moves it's way across the pond, it is showing it's impact on America in the form of Obamamania.

Like Beatlemania, Obamamana is complete with swooning masses, fainting girls and swaying crowds repeating the empty lyrical words they hear from the stage. "Yes, we can" they sing.

The difference between Beatlemania and Obamamania, is that the extreme leftism coming from Europe is dangerous. Beatlemania was not so dangerous.

In Europe, they have willing given up their personal freedoms to their governments. They stand is massively jammed health care systems waiting to get their government sponsored health care. They are even more jammed into an unemployment system, where there are few jobs and a lot of hunger mouths to feed.

During the '90s, the height of liberalism in Europe, unemployment rates reached staggering figures. Even as high as 18% unemployment in Spain in 1995.

Over the last several years, real changes have been taking place in Europe. They have slowly tossed aside the extreme liberal mentality and begun to embrace a more conservative agenda.

With horrifying unemployment rates in 2003(about 15%), Germany began to deregulate businesses. In loosening the noose they had tightened around German businesses, unemployment rates are beginning to plummet to about 8% right now.

Early in this new century, the UK with Tony Blair as their leader, began once again to rise to the military power it once was. Sure he was called a war monger, but is their any doubt that Great Britian can and will defend their country when forced to do so?

In 2005, Germany elected a conservative woman in Angela Merkel, that proceeded to move the country back to the right, leaving the liberals in Germany staggering.

In 2007, France also elected a more conservative leader in Nicholas Sarkozy.

So even as Europe has learned their lessons from their trek into the extreme world of liberalism, the Democrats in the US are bound and determined to walk that same path that almost destroyed Europe.

The Democrats in the US are being controlled by the extreme liberal wing of their party that is lead by Senator Barack Obama.

Senator Barack Obama has already agreed to punish successful businesses in America for doing business overseas.

Senator Obama has already promised to squeeze the life out of the rich in ridiculous taxes. Apparently, he is trying to force everyone to the bottom of the pay scale.

Common sense tells us that if you squeeze a tube of toothpaste from the top, the toothpaste is forced to the bottom of the tube.

Senator Obama wants to do nothing more than squeeze the top earners in America forcing them to join the rest of us at the bottom of the tube.

Senator Obama wants to create a universal health care plan. Probably one of the biggest failures of Europe has been universal health care. The quality of care in these nations have plummeted.

A study in 2002 had this to say-

In practice, pursuit of formal equality in the United Kingdom has meant that the poorest people ended up receiving a lower standard than was normal in mainland Europe.

The extreme left and Senator Obama have abandoned all common sense and instead are standing around singing catchy tunes like "Yes, we can!", instead of facing the real issues our country is burdened with.

Oddly enough, the liberals have seen the damage done to these European countries by high taxes, stringent government regulations and the throttling of basic rights to freedom, and still the liberals continue to run as fast as they can to embrace these failures.

One of the worst failed presidencies in American history was the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Staggering unemployment, horrifying inflation, and military embarrassment ruled the day in President Carter's days in office.

If elected president, Senator Barack Obama appears to want to challenge President Carter's name at the bottom of the list of worst Presidents.

Staggering unemployment, horrifying inflation, and military embarrassment are awaiting us with a Barack Obama presidency.

Every single proposal by Senator Obama has already proven to be a failure. What makes anyone think he could make any of this a success? Great speeches will not fix these failures.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ben Bakke for State Senate District 22

There was a nice writeup in today's Kenosha News about Ben Bakke, our newest candidate for state Senate District 22.

I know Ben personally, and am thrilled at this opportunity to work with this young man.

He is very likable, easy to talk to and full of hope for a bright future for Kenosha and Burlington.

Ben has taken a strong stand against Healthy Wisconsin, but also has recognized that health care costs are skyrocketing.

There needs to be a better way. Government is not the answer.

There was some concern about a primary for the Republican side of this state Senate race. As of today, Steve Brown of Salem, who had also shown interest on the Republican side, has officially withdrawn his name from this race.

Unless someone else steps forward, this is Ben Bakke's show and he is off with a bang.

Let's rally our support around this young man and get this party started. He is going to need a lot of money, so starting this early is not a bad thing.

Best of luck Ben, we are behind you all the way.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Change you can Xerox"

This line is going to stick.

I don't care if the Democrats in the crowd booed Senator Clinton when she stated this, it is going to stick.

Even the most dedicated of supporters for Senator Obama have been forced to admit that he lacks serious experience. Most notably the state senator from Texas who could not name one single legislative accomplishment when asked by MSNBC's Chris Mathews.

Senator Obama's campaign revolves around someone else's ideas for change, someone else's health care plans, someone else's budget proposals, someone else's ideas for a better education and someone else's speeches.

As this political process rushes ahead, it is becoming more and more obvious that Senator Obama has no political accomplishments to hang his political hat on.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet Ben Bakke, Challenger to Senator Bob Wirch

If you have not meet Ben Bakke yet, tomorrow night is a great opportunity.

Ben is young, dynamic, fired up and ready to get this thing rolling.

Join me tomorrow night at the Italian American in Kenosha

Click on photo to enlarge

Just to be clear

Although I appreciate the calls and emails of condolences, I am still in this race and I believe that all signs point towards changing Kenosha's future.

The top two vote getters move on to the general election:

Alderperson District 5

11 Polls Reporting out of 11
1824 Total Votes
With 100% of the Vote Reported

Kurt A. Sinclair81644.73
Kathy Carpenter57131.3
JoEllyn M. Storz42923.51
Write-in 4080.43

Behind the numbers:

If you look, clearly you can see that between the votes that I received and the votes the Ms. Storz received there are plenty of people out there ready for a clean start in Kenosha.

In fact, through out Kenosha, with 15 of 17 alderman's seats being challenged. This is a record for Kenosha. At no time in Kenosha's history have this many seats been challenged.

I started knocking on doors again last night. I aim to find every single one of those voters looking for a clean start in Kenosha

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tired of snow?

Obama campaign rep STUMPED on legislative accomplishments

Um! Um! Um!

This guy is really chugging the Obama koolaid, along with many other Democrats.

***I blame Scott Walker***

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Okay, maybe I panicked a little early

I live to fight another day.

I just had to make it into the top two-

Alderperson District 5

11 Polls Reporting out of 11
1824 Total Votes
With 100% of the Vote Reported

Kurt A. Sinclair81644.73
Kathy Carpenter57131.3
JoEllyn M. Storz42923.51
Write-in 4080.43

This battle turned into a Democrat vs. Republican- which should never have happened.

I do not know how many people I have talked to that said "You are the Republican, right?" Every person that asked me that always turned out to be a Democrat. But most were willing to have the conversation.

I am very excited.

I promise you this, no one will outwork me.

Just as good, my friend Dave Bogdala made it thru the 17th district. He did very well in fact.

Alderperson District 17

12 Polls Reporting out of 12
1649 Total Votes
With 100% of the Vote Reported

David F. Bogdala61837.47
Brian M. Weyrauch47128.56
Michael A. Coleman26215.88
Steven A. Mancusi18311.09
Mervin W. Johnson965.82
Write-in 60191.15

Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words.

That was heart-wrenching

So I am standing in long line to vote, and in walks a woman and her husband who happened to know the people standing in line in front of me.

They start chatting and the names of my two opponents came up. Yapping and yapping with both of their names flying around. They were not talking negative, just talking about them.

I thought I would get sick just listening to it.

There I stood and I could not say a word.

When I told you guys that I was running against two big names, that is what I meant.

Then I walked right in and voted for Senator Hillary Clinton.

To say I am pessimistic right now would be putting it mildly.

I think I have to take a shower now. I feel dirty.

Illegal phone calls for Obama?

Is this legal?

I just received this from the RPW-

“Already we’ve seen a public school used to send automated phone calls on Obama’s behalf. He raked in millions of dollars in the past two weeks but uses a taxpayer-funded school – one already suffering from a million dollar shortfall – to make campaign calls,” Jefferson said.
Jefferson’s comments were in response to a Green Bay television investigation into reports that the Kaukauna Area School District sent automated phone messages regarding a campaign event scheduled at the school. Yet, similar calls apparently have not been made to announce such things as school closings in the past. The story aired on WGBA-TV.
Is it legal to use our tax dollars to promote a political event.

Anybody else heard anything about this?

Just Words. Just not Obama's.

Seriously, Obama needs to look at something besides the teleprompter. He looks like he is reading this stuff verbatim.

This looks bad, because it is bad.

Seeing these two speeches side by side is pretty powerful stuff to those folks that do not live and breathe politics.

Those that live and breathe politics are aware that this is a common practice. These folks do not write their own speeches and these words are not really their own.

A whole lot of nervous...

Yes- I am nervous today.

Both of my opponents have the name recognition that I do not.

I knew going in this was an uphill battle.

Still, it is a battle worth fighting for.

Kenosha has been controlled by the same people for many years.

I feel I have done what I can do.

I have hiked thru rain, snow, sleet, ice and subzero temperatures to knock on doors. In fact, we faced most of that this past weekend alone.

I have yard signs out there, flyers out there, created a website and I have talked to a number of people.

We will see if 6 weeks is enough time to build some name recognition.

I just don't know.

Take a little time today and say a prayer for myself and my opponents. It will be nervous day for all of us today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The crazy things people say...

Seriously, I am not sure what is worse, Kenosha's massive tax burden or the defenders of the Kenosha trolley.

In a post that is 6 months old, the attackers continue. If you follow the link to the homepage, you find this.

They have attacked me before and I am certain they will attack me again.

Posted just yesterday:

This complainer, the wanna-be alderman Kathy Carpenter, is very suspect. Recently she moved into a leased Kenosha rental unit within the 5th District in order to legally run, but her official base is in the village of Silver Lake. The registered campaign address for Carpenter is still 706 School Street, Silver Lake, Wisconsin 53170. Kathy Carpenter makes wild and inaccurate statements on city finances and attacks our popular HarborPark tourist attractions that were planned over a decade ago in numerous meetings she never attended, just like the armchair quarterbacks Pat Moran and Scott Barter.

This statement is a blatantly false.

Any person that knows me knows that I have lived in the same place for almost 10 years.

Obviously, if I had registered my campaign under the above address, the city of Kenosha would not allow me to run. So why in heaven's name would these guys assume my "REGISTERED" campaign address is in Silver Lake????

A little investigative work on the part of these folks would turn up the fact that I actually supported the work done in Harbor Park. Kenosha's biggest asset is Lake Michigan and those visiting it. Anyone visiting that area knows that the old AMC plant was a eye sore and reduced property values in an area that should have been our most prized possession.

A little more investigative work would have turned up that Pat Moran was the person to actually start the plans and development for HarborPark.

None of this stuff is secret information, so I am a little curious how these folks continue to be so wrong.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Think Senator Clinton has lost the woman?

You might want to double check that again.

We once again have a battle of the sexes in Wisconsin.

Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton against Gov. Jim Doyle-

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dirty tricks...

Interesting article from Time.

Republicans have pulled some dirty tricks before: Swift Boats, Watergate, you name it. But this time they have gone too far. In its desperate hunger for victory at any cost, the Republican Party is on the verge of choosing a presidential candidate, John McCain, who is widely regarded (everywhere except inside the Republican Party itself) as honest, courageous, likable and intelligent.

Have they no shame?

More important: Have they no principles? In a properly functioning two-party democracy, each party is supposed to nominate a person whom members of the other party will detest. Ordinarily this is not a problem. In recent years, the basic principles of each party have been anathema to the other. If a candidate in addition has a personality that gives the opposition fits, or a few character flaws it deplores, that is gravy. Indeed, since Ronald Reagan (who last ran for office a quarter-century ago), the parties haven't even liked their own candidates all that much. The dilemma of liking the opposition candidate just hasn't arisen.


I have to admit, I found the article amusing.

Several Democrats have approached me this week stating they plan on voting for McCain. One in particular told me that I needed to get the Republicans on board. I told the democrat voter that I did not know if that was even possible for me to do. Senator McCain holds the keys to those locked doors, only he will be able to open them.

We have all seen efforts by Senator McCain to do exactly that over the last several weeks. In the coming weeks, he has a long way to go.

We will see if his efforts pay off.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ducking a debate

I don't care how in love with Obama the Wisconsin media is, Obama is ducking a debate.

The question is, why is he ducking a debate?

Could it be that when he actually has to deal with the issues, Obama's bumper sticker politics falls apart?

That is my guess.

Obama has a magical way with long eloquent speeches. He talks and talks and talks, but never actually has anything to say.

Wisconsin deserves a person who is actually willing to deal with the issues and someone who actually has something to say.

Every single media outlet in Wisconsin would actually show up to a debate. Wisconsin would actually get some national coverage.

Are Wisconsin voters not important enough, like Texas and Ohio, where debates are scheduled?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My choices for President

Okay, this February 19th could be a lot of fun.

Here are my choices for President:

Huckabee and Paul: Neither has a chance at winning the nomination, so I will not be voting for either of them.

Senator John McCain: He does not really need my vote at this time, so perhaps I should move to the Democratic side.

Senator Barack Obama: I could vote for Senator Obama and actually help the Democrats nominate the most inexperienced and under qualified candidate in the history of this country. I would compare Obama to President Carter, but even the former President had written a budget before when he was Governor of Georgia.

All we really know is that Obama was "present" for over 100 votes in the Illinois state senate. We also know that "yes, we can!" What "can " we really do? Who knows? Obama won't divulge that secret.

Senator Hillary Clinton: I could vote for her just to cast another vote against our illustrious governor who is such a Obama backer. If Senator Clinton wins Wisconsin, and that is a really big "if", she can look to the Republican side of the aisle. They may actually carry her over the top.

Who knows? I have not decided yet, but this could be really fun.

PS. I will be voting for myself on February 19th for alderman, so at least I get one vote.

Did I mention there was free food????

There will be two meet and greets held in the next several days for two candidates for alderman here in Kenosha.

Both Kathy Carpenter(District #5) and Dave Bogdala(District #17) are running in primaries this Tuesday and could use your support.

Even if you do not live in either of these districts, both candidates would love your encouragement.

The first meet and greet will be held for Dave Bogdala(District #17)

Friday, February 15, 2008
6229 95th Ave (Golden Meadows Subdivision)
6pm to 9pm

The second meet and greet will be held for Kathy Carpenter

Monday, February 18, 2008
Shagbark Apartments Clubhouse
4042 Washington Rd.
5pm to 8pm

If you have any questions, feel free to email Kathy @

Thank you.

PS. There will be free food!

Cheating Patriots?

The cat is finally out of the bag. The Patriots had been taping since 2000, when Belichick took over as head coach.

Bill Belichick has been illegally taping opponents' defensive signals since he became the New England Patriots' coach in 2000, according to Sen. Arlen Specter, who said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told him that during a meeting Wednesday.

"There was confirmation that there has been taping since 2000, when Coach Belichick took over," Specter said.

There are a lot of teams that have every right to be angry.

The frustrating thing is that this is the most successful era the Patriots have had in their history. Now we know why.

Think Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever?

Not when your team is stealing defensive signals from the other teams. Kind of puts a damper on his success.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The KRM and the new mayor

Want to know where the new mayor will stand on the KRM?

Check out the Kenosha News today-

Kenosha's next mayor could see the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM) commuter rail link become a reality.

But there's a long track before that happens.

The proposal has been stalled after difficulties in determining a funding source for the program; a proposed rental car tax was taken out of the state budget.

A link to Milwaukee could assist Kenosha, but the questions of where the money would come from and how important this system could be still weigh on a number of mayoral candidates.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It is a three way race

The Kenosha News spotlighted the primary race taking place in my district for alderman.

Fifth District Alderman Kurt Sinclair hasn’t had an election opponent since he took office in 1994.

That changed in a big way this year, when two challengers filed to oppose him, setting up a three-way Feb. 19 primary. The top two finishers will advance to the April 1 general election.

The northwest side district borders Somers on the west and northwest and includes Bradford High School and a cluster of newer and still-developing subdivisions.

Sinclair, 42, said he believes the wide-open race to replace retiring Mayor John Antaramian might have inspired new interest in aldermanic challengers.

Challenger JoEllyn Storz, 53, said she entered the race for that very reason.

“I think that with the changes that are coming up in the community, that it’s a good time to get involved with the city,” Storz said. “I want to keep an eye on the direction that we take; be sure that the city continues to grow and prosper.”

Kathy Carpenter, 43, said she decided to run because of how the city has handled taxes and spending.

“The tax issue is huge,” she said. “People are rather frustrated at the amount of taxes, just seeing it go up year after year after year.” Carpenter said people do not believe money should not be spent, as much as they object to what it is and is not being spent on. She said she detects some opposition to the $15 million Civil War museum and a $5 million city commitment to a new Boys & Girls Club facility on 52nd Street and 14th Avenue.

Residents believe the city should put money toward roads and other infrastructure first, Carpenter said.

If elected, Storz said she would seek to attract good jobs and preserve the city’s aging homes.

“There’s still a lot of good, affordable housing stock in Kenosha,” Storz said. “I’d like to see it stay that way.”

Storz said she would like the city to invest in itself more to move it further forward into the 21st century. She said she believes Antaramian has done a good job with urban renewal; she would like to see more growth in that area.

Sinclair, meanwhile, said he would like to continue his work on the council, which he said has included chairing the Parks Commission, pushing for amenities at Anderson and Washington park pools and listening to and assisting constituents with concerns.

“I think that I’ve demonstrated being on the council that I use a common-sense and an educated approach to my responsibilities,” Sinclair said.

Within the district, Sinclair said he hopes to work on park developments at Sunrise Park near the Stonefield and Walnut Grove subdivisions and in the St. Peter’s Basin areas.

Carpenter’s focus is on roads.

“There’s a couple of streets right here in my district that are really having a tough time,” she said, adding that she would also angle to add lights to a popular sledding hill near Bradford.

Storz said she would focus on listening and following through on constituents’ concerns, and she would like to have the city look into establishing a hotline through which residents could phone comments and complaints.

“The people in the neighborhood are the people in the neighborhood, and they see what’s going on every day,” she said.

While Sinclair touts his council experience — “I think with me, they know what they’re going to get,” he said — Carpenter and Storz said they believe their respective careers suit them well for aldermanic duties.

Carpenter said her job as a purchaser plays into the need to balance needs. Storz said working in the Kenosha County register of deeds office lends her insights about budgeting and the functions of government.

Though city races are free from party politics, the two challengers give it a partisan hue.

Carpenter is the chairwoman of the Kenosha County Republican Party, while Storz previously sought a run for state Assembly on the Democratic ticket.
I guess there is a partisan hue. Although, when I entered this race in September, it did not.

I make it no secret that I am the chair of Republican Party of Kenosha County. In fact, it is something I consider an honor. The people I have met and the friends I have made that share my conservative values have been priceless.

In those moments that I become discouraged watching some of our political leaders, that is when I find my strength in my conservative friends.

The Republican party is what you make of it. If you are not willing to jump in and get involved, there is no way the party or it's elected officials will ever be what you want them to be.

I have discovered, no matter how many Republicans or conservatives I meet, I have never met one that 100% agrees with me. Not even my closest friends agree with me all of the time and that is the way I like it.

As far as my reasons for entering the race for alderman, there were several. First, I love Kenosha. I started my life off traveling a lot. My father was in the Navy.

I spent a lifetime looking for a home, a place to settle, a place to lay down roots. I found it in Kenosha. Kenosha is home.

I believe in Kenosha and her people so much, that I want to be part of her future because Kenosha is part of my future. Does that make sense?

Also, the tax issue is huge in Kenosha. I have talked to liberals, conservatives and independents and they all say the same thing- Kenosha's taxes are too high. We do not get enough bang for our buck. Citizens are frustrated with the way our government has been spending.

So get out and vote on February 19th- it is important.

Had enough?

Okay, I know that I am not the only one. Most of Wisconsin and Illinois are snow weary.

Today's travel to work was treacherous.

I am beginning to wonder if Kenosha and the surrounding areas are out of salt. We are still driving on the mess from last week. We never really cleaned up from that. Yesterday morning's travel was sheer ice.

This morning's travel was sheer ice with snow on top of it.

Since smacking a pothole late last week in Illinois, my car is really not handling this stuff at all. I ended up bending a rim. I replaced that rim with another older rim that I had that was bent a few years ago. They kind of pounded the older rim back into shape and I put an old tire on it and use it as a spare.

Little did I know that another year, another pot hole in Illinois would get me again.

When I changed to the alternate rim on Friday, it was on a front tire. The older rim wobbled really badly.

I kept calling the older tire and rim, that I am using, my John McCain tire. The darn thing kept yanking me hard to the left.

I traveled past my buddies at Merlin's on Hwy 50 and they moved that tire and rim from the front to the back of my car. It is now a little safer, but still wobbles.

These last several days have been a nightmare attempting to drive in this weather with a bent rim and old tire. I have been sliding all over the place.

So basically, the roads are a snow covered sheet of ice, I have a bad rim and tire and there appears to be a shortage of steel rims for my car out there.

This stuff needs to end now.

PS. Don't drive in the middle lane- too many potholes, both in Illinois and Wisconsin. When the roads are dark and snow covered- you cannot even see them. Things seem to be worse in the middle lane.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I am AFP!

I spent part of my day on Saturday defending the American dream and I am a better person for it.

If you were looking for inspiration to continue to fight government overspending, big government, earmarks and waste, you found that inspiration on Saturday.

The lineup of morning speakers was impressive. I really liked them all.

I was especially impressed with the Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore. To a numbers geek like I am, it was great to see another numbers geek who was funny, entertaining and inspirational.

As I said, they were all good, but if I speak about all of them, then this article would end up being too long.

We move on to the lunch time speakers.

Scott Walker was his usual wonderful self. We know that he is in for a battle in Milwaukee County. Is there any doubt that the man is up for the challenge? We are ready to stand and fight with him.

Now we get to talk about one of my most favorite people in the world. My congressman Paul Ryan. AFP members got to see what I have been able to watch for years. Congressman Paul Ryan is young, energetic, hard working, unyielding and conservative. Fighting for earmark reform and against an out of control liberally spending congress is a daily battle for the congressman. Congressman Ryan never gives up the fight and remains a true conservative through it all.

As a smiling Congressman Ryan addressed the pumped up AFP crowd, most are completely unaware of the continuous whithering attacks the Congressman suffers on a daily basis. Day after day the liberals in Congress and in Wisconsin's first district are flat out vicious.

The more vicious the liberal attackers get, the stronger and more stoic our Congressman gets.

Vicki McKenna. What can be said about her that has not already been said? She is funny, entertaining and a fighter. She gets it. The woman has lived on both sides of the aisle and she has got it figured out. Vicki McKenna has found a better(right) way to live and she is determined to tell others about it. She has made it her life's work to continually point out that government works for the people, not the other way around. Thank you, Vicki!

I saved the best for last.

My favorite speaker of the entire day was State Representative Leah Vukmir.

As a conservative woman in the crowd, I paid very close attention to what Rep. Vukmir had to say. Standing in front of us on Saturday was a conservative woman that has taken a strong dignified stand against the liberals power grab known as Healthy Wisconsin.

Clearly Rep. Vukmir understands that the moment we cave into Healthy Wisconsin, we all will be giving up a huge chunk of our freedom to the state government. There is no more important battle taking place in Wisconsin or in Kenosha right now than the fight against government control of our health care. Letting government control our very lives in no answer to expensive and ever rising health care costs.

Probably the reason the State Representative Leah Vukmir was my favorite speaker is because she is a woman and a conservative. Rep. Vukmir may not recognize it, but she has become a role model for every single conservative woman in the state.

Artfully, Rep. Vukmir has found a way of digging in her high heels and with class and dignity continues to make her case against government controlled health care. More than that, she continues to offer an alternate to rising health care costs. She believes that when control of our health care is back in consumer's hands, that is when health care costs will go down. It is called consumerism, competition and real American freedom. When we finally embrace these ideas, that is when we will finally win this battle against rising health care costs.

The conservative women in the crowd stood and clapped a little louder and little longer when Rep. Vukmir received her award. She deserved it.

We spend so much of our time complaining about the problems in Washington and Madison that we completely overlook those that are doing the job that we sent them there to do.

Unfortunately, I could not stay for the rest of days events. Some of us are running in a primary election and had some doors to knock on.

Thank you to Mark Block and Americans for Prosperity. You gave us a joyful and inspirational day to continue to build on.

The movement to stop earmarks, growing government and wasteful spending is alive, loud, strong, spirited and inspired.

I am AFP!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anybody need a museum?

Cross posted at Kathy Carpenter for Kenosha Alderwoman

Someone brought this to my attention the other day.

Did you know that we have as many museums in Kenosha as they have in Milwaukee?

Now, I love museums. I love the history of Kenosha.

But four museums?????

Kenosha Public Museum

Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Kenosha Historical Society and Museum

And now...

Kenosha Civil War Museum

Of course, my absolute favorite museum was the Kenosha Military Museum. This museum does not really exist anymore, at least not in Kenosha county. Pleasant Prairie used their eminent domain powers to run this guy out of the state.

Our tax dollars subsidize these museums. We pay for these things. (we did not pay for the Military museum- that was private)

Somehow we cannot get the potholes or the roads fixed in our neighborhoods, but we managed to come up with another $10 million to build another museum.(Civil War museum, opening in March)

I about fell off my chair when I read this statement on the Historical Society's webpage-

The Kenosha History Center is the headquarters of Kenosha County Historical Society, a non-profit organization served by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by memberships, Kenosha County government and private donations.

That's right folks, these guys think that the Kenosha County government actually has money. They have nothing except for what the people give them.
Taxpayers, the people, of Kenosha County pay for this museum, NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

Now I am not suggesting that we get rid of the museum.

I am suggesting that we take care of the needs of the Kenosha community before we build another museum.

I also believe that these museums need to be solely financed by private donations. Don't tell me it cannot be done because I do not believe it.

Another day, another dollar

The whole behind the scenes happenings is really intriguing on the Democratic side of the aisle.

For many years, the Democrats have sold people on the idea that they care about the working class of America.

Yet, another day has passed and another story is out about how well Obama is doing in the working class environment.

Besides the fact that the three celebrity women at the UCLA rally don't qualify as young in a state as young as California, such analysis suffered from a common cultural, class and geographic bias about the state. And thus the story was missed. Obama, for all the interest he generated in wealthy coastal precincts, was failing in a frantic effort to gain traction in the California heartland: the Inland Empire counties of San Bernardino and Riverside, and the Central Valley stalwarts, Fresno and Kern counties.

Obama supporters are the rich elitists in the Democratic party. From the Kennedy's to the Oprah in the Democrat Party, Obama has their support.

Clinton is clearly winning the support of the working class Democrats-

Inland California was Clinton country, providing her the huge margins that paved the way for her 10-point victory statewide. Her performance in the interior demonstrated once again her national stranglehold on poor and working-class voters. In California, she won big majorities among people who make less than $50,000 a year, while Obama won majorities among those making $100,000 or more, according to exit polls.

There are truly two Americas in the Democrat Party. The rich, powerful and education elitists are supporting Obama. The poor working class support Clinton.

It is just interesting.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Latte Liberals vs. Dunkin Donut Dems

Very interesting article from the Times of London.

I think that the Tmes perfectly identifies the battle taking place on the liberal side of the aisle.

The liberal elitists with their millions support Obama, the working class dems are for Hillary. Generally speaking, you would think this would trend the opposite direction. For years, Senator Clinton has been chasing Hollywood.

Mr Obama wins disproportionately among people who may be considered the winners in the global economy: the well educated, the mobile and the financially secure. Mrs Clinton's voters are the strugglers, the class that feels itself left behind by an increasingly unfair global economic system.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Okay- we have got to do that every week

Forget doing that once a month, we may need to do this once a week.

We had a great time at the Kenosha GOP's Pints & Politics.

There is not a subject that could not be broached tonight. If you wanted to sound off about McCain, you could.

Standing room only. We had Ron Paul supporters, conservatives and even a Democrat in the room.

As I said, we have got to do this every week.

Mitt Romney is out

Reports have it that Mitt Romney will drop out of the race today.

Well, your choices are McCain, Huckabee or Paul.


How about none of the above?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Simply brilliant, Kenosha Unified

It is kind of scary that these are the same folks who are in charge of educating Kenosha's kids, but Kenosha Unified decided to stay open today.

I had actually taken the day off of work because I was planning on politicking today. Obviously, that did not happen.

I needed some butter and milk from the corner grocery store, so I walked the three blocks. My car is plowed in. Trudging in snow up to my knees was fun.

As I am huffing it past Bradford HS, it was interesting watching them try and push a school bus that is currently stuck in the parking lot. About 5 guys were trying to push it. Wasn't working out too well for them. Worse yet, a couple of cars are trapped in the student parking lot because the bus could not move. It appears as if a couple of kids were trapped at school with the bus. There parents must be thrilled along with the bus driver.

People are stuck in parking lots and have slid off the roads all over Kenosha.

If you read the comment section of this post, you will see that SW Side was working to help a bus for severely disabled students that was also trapped.

I talked to a couple of my neighbors this morning that were furious the schools were open. Many of them refused to send their children to school this morning. Others went ahead and put their kids on the bus anyway, thinking this would clear up soon. It didn't.

I just spoke to my neighbor who has a son that went to school today. Oh boy, the curse words coming out of her mouth were something else. I am not sure if the KUSD has been called so many bad names all in one sentence before. She picked her son up at 11:30 and it took until 1:00 before she got home. The school is not even 2 miles away. She said parents were stuck in parking lots, teachers were stuck.

What a mess!

Frequent commenter, RAG, may have discovered why schools were open in Kenosha. Check out his blog.

To the Kenosha Unified Administrators, this is perhaps one of the most dangerous decisions you have ever made. You endangered students, teachers, office personnel, bus drivers, parents and ever other person out on the roads today.

Here are a few choice comments from parents, students and teachers after being forced to go to school today. Click on the Kenosha News link.

Kenosha News

Kenosha Unified is open

They are the only school district open, but they are open.

It does not make sense.

Actually, it is Wednesday- which means a half day for most kids anyway. The district will not have to waste a snow day as long as they open the doors this morning.

They needed California

The real bell weather state in yesterday's primaries was California.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama needed to win California to prove they were real contenders.

They both lost.

They did not just lose, they both got walloped.

I know the media is enamored with Obama. If they apply the same set of standards to Obama as they did to Romney, they Obama got crushed in California.

Some Pollsters were wrong in both party nominations on California. It was no where near what they had predicted.

The Zogby polls were the worst. They predicted Obama would win by +13 the day before the elections. They also had Romney up by + 7 the day before the election.

California killed Romney. If the media were honest, they would realize that with the amount of money Obama spent to win California, may have killed Obama's bid also.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's over

At least Super Tuesday is over.

California has been called:

Senator Hillary Clinton

Senator John McCain

Today was huge for Senator Clinton. In the states that she really needed, she won. Connecticut would have been nice for her, but necessary.

The shocker is that Senator John McCain did not sweep. Clearly conservatives are still not sold on McCain, neither are Christian conservatives. He did win all of the big states.

Obama is a great speaker

Amazingly he has nothing to say.

Bumper stickers- that's it.

"Yes, we can."

How many times did he state "what started as a whisper"?

Few surprises on the Democrats side

Very few surprises on the Democrats side so far.

Tennessee went stronger for Hillary than expected.

Closer than thought

I could have been wrong. Early number show McCain is not running away with it.

It looks like we have a 3 way race leaving today.

Pints & Politics

The Republican Party of Kenosha County is proud to present Pints & Politics.

This is a monthly event to be held on the first Thursday of every month at Birchwood Grill on Hwy 50(across the street from the Brat Stop)

This month's guests are RPW Chair Reince Priebus and State Senate Candidate Ben Bakke (challenging Senator Bob Wirch)

Everyone is invited to attend.

Click on flyer to enlarge:


I would like to welcome many folks over to the dark side.

Thanks for joining the "I do not want any more snow" club. Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has joined the club.

I have pretty much given up all hope that global warming will hit Wisconsin any time soon.

I have prayed for global warming this winter, but so far, my prayers have been answered by continual white stuff.

Tonight another 10 to 14 inches of the evil white stuff will bury us.

Grab your shovels and your snowblowers, we must battle on.

It's Super Tuesday

My predictions:

Obama and Clinton continue to battle well beyond today.

Once the Democrats dragged a person's race into the battle, everyone knew this battle would rage hotter and longer than normal. Nothing gets settled today.

Let the Democrats tear each other up.

McCain locks things up. He has won enough conservatives to his side that things will be no where near as close as many had hoped between him and Romney.

McCain has done little to sell this conservative.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Duller than dirt

You know, the half time shows at the Super Bowl have become duller than dirt.

Notice I did not say older than dirt, although...

Really, those planning this thing need to stop with their fascination with 50 to 60 year old men.

Tom Petty performed okay. However that monotone voice singing "Won't back down" inspires very few people.

I understand that they do not want another wardrobe malfunction, but seriously, they need to move forward a couple of decades.

Are the Patriots sore losers?

A lot of fuss and muss is being made over Coach Bill Belichick leaving the field before the game ended.

It appeared as if both teams thought the game was over, but you could see the refs informing both coaches that the game had not ended.

Bill Belichick left the field anyway.

A few years ago when Randy Moss did this, he was called every name in the book.

In this Yahoo comment section, a ton of people have something to say about it. Almost 10,000 comments and counting.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 03, 2008


There was talk that the Patriots were the greatest team of all time.

There was more talk of Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all time.

Congratulations to the New York Giants. They did not believe any of it.

No help for Kenosha tornado victims

Due to irresponsible state government spending, the funds needed to help Kenosha get back on it's feet are not there.

In today's Kenosha News, basically the hammer has been lowered.

Kenosha will not receive any federal funds.

We do not qualify. Most of the homes and property that was damaged is covered under insurance.

This is great news.

Although, we still have some problems.

Who is going to pay for all of the damage done to county and municipal property?

Obviously a ton of money was poured into services sent scrambling to help tornado victims. All of this still costs taxpayers money.

The great news is that after the tornadoes in Stoughton a few years back, our legislators created a disaster relief fund. Just like Kenosha, at the time, Stoughton did not qualify for federal relief funds.

However, the Wisconsin Disaster Relief fund is broke already.

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman has been working the system attempting to find some funds that can be transferred over to the Wisconsin Disaster Relief fund.

She has no place to go. There is no money.

Kenosha News

"The hard part is when you face a $400 million (state) deficit, how and where are you going to get the money these days?" Kerkman said.

Representative Kerkman is right- where does Kenosha turn when it needs help?

We have over $21 million in damages. A majority of that is covered by insurance.

However, the county and municipal services working to clean up is not covered.

Kenosha County and municipal taxpayers will be paying for this. This means our taxes will be going up.

Wisconsin government has been spending money so irresponsibly for the last couple of years that there is now no place to turn when it's residents need help.

The question I have is where is Kenosha's disaster relief fund?

There needs to be a fund that is untouchable for anything but financing disaster relief.

Kenosha will do okay with this and we will certainly take care of ourselves, but better planning is needed in Kenosha and our state for disaster relief.

If we have learned nothing, anything can happen at any time. For heaven's sake we had tornadoes in Wisconsin, in January.

We can do better and it is time to demand that our government be better prepared for any and all weather disasters.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Are you rooting for the New York Giants to pull off an upset?

Are you rooting for the New England Patriots to make history?

Are you still mad about the Packers?

Do you care who wins?

Are you just going to a Super Bowl party, just because it is a party? (yes, this is what I will be doing)

Stop raiding the Transportation fund

That did not take long.

A few short weeks after our state government imposes increased fees in car registration and driver's license fees, they are once again attempting to swipe money from that transportation fund.

A few short months ago, Governor Doyle and the Democrats railed against the rich oil companies, demanding that they pay more in taxes. Of course, the demand out of the oil companies to pay more taxes would have just rolled downhill where both you and I are paying more taxes for gasoline.

Their reasoning is that our roads desperately needed repair and our bridges would collapse without more money.

Even though the Democrats did not manage to get the massive gas tax shoved down our throats, they did manage to get millions upon millions of tax dollars by increasing fees on driver's licenses and car registration fees.

So do we have a budget shortfall as proclaimed during the budget negotiations last year or do we have so much of a surplus that the state government is once again attempting to raid the fund?

According to Assembly Rep. Gary Hebl (D, Sun Prairie) we must have a surplus-


Hebl said the bill uses $500,000 in existing fund balance from the Transportation Fund to establish the Snowy Day Fund for the 2007-08 Fiscal Year. In future years, the Legislature will determine the amount of money that is available.

Existing fund balance? Sounds like a surplus to me.

What happened to all of the wailing and knashing of teeth over budget shortfalls for DOT?

Hat Tip- Jo from

Congratulations kids

Some 93 extraordinary kids at Rufus King High School in Milwaukee just completed an incredible task-

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The 3,000- to 4,000-word papers - "extended essays" - are required for students who want to receive the International Baccalaureate diploma. For those who complete such a paper - a process that begins in the spring of their junior years - it is a tradition to present the final product on a silver platter to the teacher who advised the student along the way, followed by the student and the teacher each commenting on what was learned.

The silver platter ceremony was held this week, and the 93 who presented their work are the largest group to complete the formidable research project in King's nearly 30-year history as an IB school.

Wow, I have difficulty writing 10 word sentences without screwing it up. Congratulations to all of this young people.

Third Troha conspirator goes down

This is so discouraging for every resident of Kenosha-

Kenosha News

A third Kenosha businessman has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges related to a conspiracy to facilitate illegal political campaign contributions.

Achille F. "Kelly" Infusino, 54, and U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic signed off on a plea agreement Friday, in which Infusino admitted to aiding in a scheme in which more than $250,000 in illegal donations were made to federal and state campaigns.

Whether you were for or against the casino in Kenosha, the idea that so much illegal activity has taken place because of it, is very discouraging.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Kenosha Schools are closed

For the second time this week, Kenosha schools are closed.

Check out my sidebar to keep up with all of the closings and cancellations for today or click on this link.

The Boondoggle Awards

Do you remember "The Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere"?

Now it is called "The Ferry to Nowhere".

The "Ferry to Nowhere" is one of this year's Boondoggle Awards.

The Boondoggle awards identifies wasteful government spending.

The "Ferry to Nowhere" was dropped into the DOD appropriations bill.

What does this ferry have to do with the Department of Defense?

Apparently the ferry is going to help the Navy.

"The Ferry to Nowhere" is not the only winner of the Boondoggle award. Here is more.