Saturday, February 02, 2008

Stop raiding the Transportation fund

That did not take long.

A few short weeks after our state government imposes increased fees in car registration and driver's license fees, they are once again attempting to swipe money from that transportation fund.

A few short months ago, Governor Doyle and the Democrats railed against the rich oil companies, demanding that they pay more in taxes. Of course, the demand out of the oil companies to pay more taxes would have just rolled downhill where both you and I are paying more taxes for gasoline.

Their reasoning is that our roads desperately needed repair and our bridges would collapse without more money.

Even though the Democrats did not manage to get the massive gas tax shoved down our throats, they did manage to get millions upon millions of tax dollars by increasing fees on driver's licenses and car registration fees.

So do we have a budget shortfall as proclaimed during the budget negotiations last year or do we have so much of a surplus that the state government is once again attempting to raid the fund?

According to Assembly Rep. Gary Hebl (D, Sun Prairie) we must have a surplus-


Hebl said the bill uses $500,000 in existing fund balance from the Transportation Fund to establish the Snowy Day Fund for the 2007-08 Fiscal Year. In future years, the Legislature will determine the amount of money that is available.

Existing fund balance? Sounds like a surplus to me.

What happened to all of the wailing and knashing of teeth over budget shortfalls for DOT?

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