Wednesday, February 06, 2008

They needed California

The real bell weather state in yesterday's primaries was California.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama needed to win California to prove they were real contenders.

They both lost.

They did not just lose, they both got walloped.

I know the media is enamored with Obama. If they apply the same set of standards to Obama as they did to Romney, they Obama got crushed in California.

Some Pollsters were wrong in both party nominations on California. It was no where near what they had predicted.

The Zogby polls were the worst. They predicted Obama would win by +13 the day before the elections. They also had Romney up by + 7 the day before the election.

California killed Romney. If the media were honest, they would realize that with the amount of money Obama spent to win California, may have killed Obama's bid also.

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