Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dirty tricks...

Interesting article from Time.

Republicans have pulled some dirty tricks before: Swift Boats, Watergate, you name it. But this time they have gone too far. In its desperate hunger for victory at any cost, the Republican Party is on the verge of choosing a presidential candidate, John McCain, who is widely regarded (everywhere except inside the Republican Party itself) as honest, courageous, likable and intelligent.

Have they no shame?

More important: Have they no principles? In a properly functioning two-party democracy, each party is supposed to nominate a person whom members of the other party will detest. Ordinarily this is not a problem. In recent years, the basic principles of each party have been anathema to the other. If a candidate in addition has a personality that gives the opposition fits, or a few character flaws it deplores, that is gravy. Indeed, since Ronald Reagan (who last ran for office a quarter-century ago), the parties haven't even liked their own candidates all that much. The dilemma of liking the opposition candidate just hasn't arisen.


I have to admit, I found the article amusing.

Several Democrats have approached me this week stating they plan on voting for McCain. One in particular told me that I needed to get the Republicans on board. I told the democrat voter that I did not know if that was even possible for me to do. Senator McCain holds the keys to those locked doors, only he will be able to open them.

We have all seen efforts by Senator McCain to do exactly that over the last several weeks. In the coming weeks, he has a long way to go.

We will see if his efforts pay off.

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