Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MJS identifies precisely what is wrong with Healthy Wisconsin

Once again, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial board is pushing Healthy Wisconsin.

Whether they admit it or not, MJS inadvertently identified two very huge problems with universal health care and Healthy Wisconsin, in particular.

Let's start with this statement-

Rather than fearing more government involvement, as most state Republicans regrettably do, the committee plan, like Healthy Wisconsin, would lead to more involvement, which makes the most sense for everyone.

Ask any average person, whether Republican or Democrat, who they want making health care decisions on their behalf. Many times, these are life and death decisions.

Many folks would probably say they want to make their own decisions, perhaps they would include their doctor and some may even include their family.

Who would you want making these decisions?

Your state senator? NOPE!

Your assembly rep? NOPE!

Governor Doyle? Absolutely, NOPE!

An unelected state board? NOPE!

An elected state board? NOPE!

The State's Health and Human services? NOPE!

Federal Health and Human services? NOPE!

Your mayor? NOPE!

Your alderman? NOPE!

Your employer? NOPE!

Your congressman? The President? Your US Senator? Your neighbor? Your teacher? Your lawyer? and on and on


I could go on for days listing the people that I do not want making life and death decisions on my behalf. Most Americans could.

In fact, most Americans would probably tell you that they do not want their insurance companies making their health care decisions for them either.

Insurance companies are part of America's health care crisis. Insurance companies want to make money. They are a business and that is what they do. My health care is secondary to them.

This brings me to the second statement made in the MJS editorial that should be alarming to every single American citizen. They quoted the Committee on Economic Development:

In the committee's words: "Insurers can make more money by avoiding enrolling sick persons than by finding better ways to treat them."


Insurers are supposed to be insuring people, NOT TREATING PEOPLE!

Insurers are supposed to be in the insurance business, not the health care business.

Part of our problems with health care in this country is that insurers believe that they should be providing health care. They are making life and death decisions based on their bottom line, instead of what is best for the patient.

In fact, insurance companies now go so far as to call themselves "health care providers".

They don't provide me with health care, I provide myself with health care. My doctor provides me with health care choices- my insurance company does not.

Can you imagine if your car insurance company started calling themselves your "transportation provider"?

Good grief!

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff for pointing out providing us with further proof as to why we should never ever let our government have control of our own personal health care choices.

Deaf, Blind and Stupid

After reading today’s leading story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I am convinced that our government at state and local levels, and even some in the mainstream media, believes that every person in the state is deaf, blind and stupid.

If they did not believe that we are all deaf, blind and stupid, then they would not continue to push taxes, in one of the highest taxed states in the nation, to an even higher level.

Today’s leading headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states-

MPS wants to increase property tax levy by 16.4%

Here is where the stupid part comes into play.

This headline if false. The truth is, MPS wants to increase the property tax levy by 21.2%. Any person paying property taxes in the city of Milwaukee last year realizes that the city government made a mistake. They did not send you the correct information when they sent out the property tax bills. MPS had approved a larger tax increase than the tax increase that they actually billed.

Because they shorted themselves last year on a property tax increase, the government would have you believe that taxes are only going up by 16.4% instead of the reality, which is 21.2%.

The government must think folks are stupid enough not to look at the bottom line. The reality is the difference between what was paid last year in property taxes and what is being proposed this year for MPS shows a 21.2% school property tax increase. That is the bottom line.

For the government and the mainstream media to try and force this falsehood down people’s throats means that they are attempting to deceive the people of Milwaukee or they are attempting to deceive people or they just really believe that we are all stupid.

Yes, our government believes that we are blind also.

Have you ever driven by some road construction and wondered to yourself- “Didn’t they just repair this road last year?” Goodness, if they had done it right the first time, perhaps they would not need to be back this year.

Have you ever stood in line at the DMV, just as you did the year before, and wondered how it is possible for the lines to be moving slower this year than they were last year?

We are not blind. Everywhere we look, we are slapped in the face by our government’s incompetence. We watch our hard earned money used to fund the same failing school systems. The more money we pump into our schools, like MPS, the worse our schools get. We watch our schools consistently produce low-test scores, increases in drop out rates, lower graduation rates and higher and higher taxes.

We are pumping millions upon millions more tax dollars into our schools ever single year and they are getting worse. When we question the DPI, local school boards and teacher’s unions on these failures, they can produce nothing but excuses for the taxpayers and parents.

Other than our taxes continuing to rise and rise the only kind of movement we see going up is the amount of excuses our leaders can come up with on why Wisconsin is failing.

Lastly- we are not deaf. Repeatedly, Governor Doyle and his liberal friends claimed that they really are fiscal conservatives. We hear that it is not possible to cut any more out of the budget.

We heard our governor stand up in front of the entire state of Wisconsin and claim- “We should not, we must not and I will NOT raise taxes!”

We are not deaf, Governor Doyle. We heard you say this.

Governor Doyle- you lied!

Of course, even as I attempt to make the argument that we are not deaf, blind and stupid, it interests me to note that we voted for these idiots.

We voted for these money guzzling, incompetent and unethical leaders in our state.

Even though we knew that Democrats are incapable of running a fiscally conservative government, as history has already shown, Wisconsinites voted for these people. We also know that Democrats are incapable of running a government without raising taxes. Democrats just do not believe that it can be done.

Perhaps our government and the media is correct. Maybe we are deaf, blind and stupid because we continue to vote for these people.

Are you sick of the tax increase yet?

Hide your wallet folks! Our government is just getting warmed up.

Few municipalities and county officials have decided on a final tax increase proposal for this year. Tech schools still have their increases to add to our taxes this year.

Who voted for these goofs running our state and local governments?

Monday, October 29, 2007

He wins

I listened to alot of trash talk today at work about Favre from a bunch of sulking Bears fans. I work in Bears country.

Stupid stuff coming out of their mouths, such as, "He only came back for the touchdown record".

As was proven tonight- Favre plays to win.

It was a perfect throw- check this out, landed in right in Jennings' hands without breaking stride-

Which Senate Democrat is lying?

Somebody is lying.

We know it is a state Senator that is lying.

We know that it is a Democrat that is lying.

A Senate Democrat slipped a provision into the budget during the final stages that would have allowed grocery stores the opportunity to pass out samples of hard liquor.

Governor Doyle vetoed this provision and told us that this was thrown into the budget by a democrat senator.

The measure showed up in the budget at the last minute, but no lawmaker will acknowledge he or she wanted it. Doyle said it came from a Senate Democrat, without providing a name. All key Senate negotiators have denied they were responsible for it.

"It's not mine," said Sen. Russ Decker (D-Weston), who became majority leader Wednesday.

Somebody is bald faced lying.

The question I have is whether or not the news media is going to tolerate this lie, now that they know it was a Senate Democrat.

Now the cover-up has begun. Governor Doyle knows who did this, and is not telling. The Legislative Reference Bureau knows where this came from, and they are not talking.

It would be easy to assume that at the very least, Senator Judy Robson and Senator Russ Decker knew who did this and they are not telling.

The legislation inserted into the budget was bad enough, the lying is worse.

To some, this may seem to be a little lie. To the people of Wisconsin, this is exactly what they hate about government.

The Budget is the most important piece of legislation that will be passed over the next two years and someone felt it necessary to try and sneak this through without the people knowing it was happening.

These are government leaders. Leaders in the Wisconsin Democrat Party and now they are all lying to protect one of their own.

Wisconsin deserves better leadership than this. Wisconsin deserves to some truthfulness on the most important piece of legislation over the next two years.

It will be interesting to see all if a single Democratic Senator is willing to finally cough up the truth.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Frankenstein strikes!

Frankenstein strikes!

How fitting this time of year.

Governor Doyle just used the Frankenstein veto to double levy tax limits from 2% to 4%.

And there is more.(KRM, for example) I will address those later. Busy day.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Great minds think alike????

The Milwaukee Journal Editorial board and I rarely agree, but on this we do think alike.

If Senate Democrats were upset enough to can Judy Robson about the budget deal, why in heaven's name did all 18 Democrat Senators vote for the budget?

MJS Editorial-

If she was removed because she didn't deliver on the budget, why was the Senate vote unanimous for the budget on the Democratic side?


Amazingly, these same Senate Democrats behaved like good little Doyle sheep and voted for this budget, even though they did not get anything they wanted.

Keep you eyes open over the next few weeks and months. It will be interesting to see which issue Decker uses to stage a faux revolt against the governor to try and prove the Senate's relevance again.

The relationship between Decker and Gov. Jim Doyle is said to be strained. There is nothing wrong with healthy tension between the state's chief executive and the Senate. In fact, there would be something wrong if either one was to simply act as a rubber stamp for the other.

My guess is that when push comes to shove, the Senate Democrats will fall right into line behind their governor like good little sheep. If a single one of the Senate Democrats had an ounce of courage, they would have defied the governor's budget and stuck to their guns. Not even Decker had enough courage to vote against the governor.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just to be different

JB Van Hollen is taking some criticism today from conservatives.

I thought I would be different and send him a thank you.

Today, Van Hollen ruled that a person's immigration status must be verified before a driver's license can be issued.

The state Department of Regulation and Licensing should verify the immigrant status of all applicants because federal law prohibits states from issuing professional licenses to illegal immigrants, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said in a legal opinion issued today.

Now, I don't consider this legal opinion to be a Republican or Democrat issue. This is about the law.

I expect my Attorney General to follow the law and enforce the law.

Van Hollen did precisely that today. I know he is only doing his job, but thank you, AG JB.

Already calling for more tax increases

The budget has not even been signed into law by the governor and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff is already calling for more tax increases.

Revisit the hospital tax. Democrats gave up about $418 million that would have leveraged another $575 million in federal aid to help pay Medicaid costs, including expanding it to all children. Tellingly, the Wisconsin Hospital Association dropped its opposition, coming to view this tax as the only way to get the first Medicaid rate increase in more than 10 years. The tax should be restored.

Why? Why should the hospital tax be brought back?

The Federal government will not be stuck paying this tax- we will.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association will not be paying this tax- we will.

Aren't health care costs high enough?

MJS also wants the KRM brought back-

Fund the KRM rail line connecting Milwaukee to Kenosha. The proposed increased tax on rental cars in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties is reasonable, but if legislators can find another source, they should. This project is too important to Wisconsin's economic health.

Once again- why?

If there was a true economic benefit to the KRM, there would be no need for a tax increase on anything. In fact, businesses would be clamoring to get to pay for the KRM themselves, so they can financially benefit even more from this project. Nobody wants to pay for it, but everyone wants to financially benefit from it. So they stick it to the taxpayers- the very folks that will receive very little benefit from the KRM.

If you want to get from Kenosha to Milwaukee- you could already use the commuter system we have- it is called a bus.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Dream act dies in the Senate

Hat Tip: Dad29

I did not realize this was coming up for a vote today.


The Senate rejected Wednesday an attempt to move ahead with a bill to allow illegal immigrants under age 30 to remain in the United States and gain legal status if they attend college or join the military.

The vote to move ahead on the Dream Act (the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act), got 52 votes, eight short of the 60 needed.

Both of Wisconsin senators voted for this bill.

Special note: John McCain did not vote on this bill, even though he was present for a vote just an hour before this one vote came up.

What? The man cannot take a stand one way or another.

This is a hot button issue, that would have really meant something to conservatives and would have clearly defined where McCain stood on this issue.

This bill means something to the people in Arizona(whom McCain represents) who are fighting a war against illegal immigration.

The very least McCain should have done is represent the people in his state. He is too busy avoiding the subject in order to protect his presidential aspirations to even take the time to cast a vote for his constituents.

Robson out, Decker in

Yep- the Senate Dems are not happy and they muscled her out of the Senate leadership. Apparently, $760 Million in tax and fee increases are not nearly enough.

Then they promptly voted Sen. Decker into office. Decker, the super tax increase lib, had this to say-

Decker also said that he would "hopefully" have gotten a better deal for Democrats had he been leader, as well, adding he would have held out longer for the hospital assessment, oil assessment and combined reporting.

As if that was not enough, he then proceeded to behave like a teenager-

Asked whether he should be regarded as bringing more "muscle" to the Senate Dems, Decker did his impersonation of Saturday Night Live characters "Hans and Franz."

Hey Dems, this is your leader- how proud are you?

Decker is also the same Senator that supported a $15.2 billion payroll tax on Wisconsinites for government controlled health care.

In fact, can anyone think of a single tax increase, off the top of their head, that Decker has not supported?

Nothing comes to me.

Robson out?

Let's be honest- the governor threw Senate Democrats under the bus, in order to get budget deal done. The Governor himself neutralized the Democrats in the Senate.

Moments after she pushed the overdue state budget through the state Senate on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson (D-Beloit) was challenged for that leadership job.

In a closed-door meeting, the 18 Senate Democrats who passed the budget discussed an attempt to oust Robson by Sen. Russ Decker (D-Weston).


The Senate Democrats got nothing they wanted in the budget debate. All their pet projects died, including Healthy Wisconsin.

These Senate Democrats are now angry and are taking it out on their leader, Judy Robson. They have got to blame someone and they cannot oust the governor.

Amazingly, these same Senate Democrats behaved like good little Doyle sheep and voted for this budget, even though they did not get anything they wanted.

Why am I not shocked that Democrats are furious because they could not raid the pockets of taxpayers even more?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The budget passed

Since I tend to focus more on the positive than the negative in most situations, I am going to hold off commenting on the 23 Republicans that voted for this budget.

Instead, I want to comment about Wisconsin's first congressional district Republicans. Every single state representative and state senator in the first district voted against this budget.

Thank you, Rep. Kerkman, Rep. Vos, Rep. Stone, Rep. Honadel, Rep. Gunderson, Rep. Gundrum, Rep. Lothian, Rep. Nass, Senator Kedzie and Senator Lazich.

Last year alone, the two largest counties in the first district, Racine and Kenosha, received the largest tax increases in the state. Racine's taxes went up by 8.1% and Kenosha's went up 6.8%.

Our representatives and senators recognized this and fought hard to stop Governor Doyle and the Democrats.

Thank you, thank you.

To my own duly elected representatives, Democrats Rep. Jim Kreuser and Senator Bob Wirch- are you listening to your constituents? Are you paying attention at all? Obviously not or you would have noticed that the taxpayers have had enough.

A friend told me tonight, that this is only phase one in the Democrat's plan to raise our taxes.

The war rages on with the KRM, Healthy Wisconsin, hospital taxes, gas taxes, attacks on senior citizens and their beds, and on and on.

Just because the Dems did not get these increases this time, does not mean that they will not use any single method, illegal, immoral or unethical, to try and get the money from taxpayers they believe they deserve.

The war does rages on and I plan on being a thorn in the side of my own elected officials, Rep. Kreuser and Senator Wirch. You will be hearing from me and I am in a foul mood.

Budget: The media got exactly what they demanded

The Milwaukee Journal is surprised???

This is the budget they demanded, over and over and over again.

Yet, they are surprised???

Over and over again, they gave Wisconsinites the impression that we did not have a budget, with statements just like the one in this article:

Wisconsin is the only state operating without a current budget.

The MJS and the rest of the media continued with their "the budget is late, the budget is late" mantra for months. They pointed the finger at Huebsch and the Assembly Republicans over and over again as the reason for a late budget.

The MJS and the media demanded more and more money from state taxpayers, for Milwaukee initiatives. They demanded the money and they demanded it now.

They supported Healthy Wisconsin, a gas tax, pork projects for Milwaukee, and a hospital tax.

They chased Governor Doyle around the state as the governor threatened to shut down the University of Wisconsin and fling open the doors of the prisons.

Over and over again the media supported Governor Doyle and harassed Mark Green.

Now they are surprised!

Well, duh!

Now they are totally surprised that they will have to pay an extra $20 to register their cars.

Double duh!

They demanded a budget and they demanded it now. They had Wisconsinites demanding a budget and demanding it now.

The media created panic with their "we have no budget" mantra. Across the board, media outlets told us services will be cut across they state.

99% of what is in the budget was introduced by Governor Doyle back in February, supported by the Joint Finance Committee and then more taxes and more fees were added by the Senate Democrats.

They shredded the budget of the Assembly Republicans. The cuts were too deep, they said!

They shredded anybody and everybody that dare stand in the way of a budget. They made a point of telling Wisconsinites that the Assembly Republicans were threatening to pass no budget at all.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Now they are surprised?????

I am surprised the media is so stupid.

Don't you think maybe the folks in the media should have been telling taxpayers that the late budget was chock full of tax and fee increases?

If the Assembly Republicans had just blindly passed the budget as the media and the Democrats demanded- there would have been another $17,000,000,000 in tax increases.

Well, surprise, surprise, folks- you got the government you voted for!

Surprise, surprise, folks- you got those tax and fee increases you were warned about during last year elections.

Surprise, surprise, folks- you elected a Governor and some Senate Democrats who lied and lied during last year's elections.

Perhaps common sense will prevail in next year's elections. It certainly did not during the 2006 elections.

PS- even today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is wailing about cuts to fire and police. Surprise, Surprise!

Monday, October 22, 2007

No tax increases

No- despite what some folks may think- I still have not changed my mind. I still believe in no tax increases and want to see the budget voted down.

This budget still spends too much and increases taxes. Until our government can figure out a way to control spending, taxpayers should not give them one more dime.

I expect every single Republican legislator who signed a pledge to not to raise taxes to follow through on that pledge. They made a commitment to taxpayers and I expect them to honor that commitment.

Medal of Honor to Navy Seal

Take a moment to honor Navy seal Lt. Michael Murphy who gave his life for his country. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.

The first Medal of Honor awarded for combat in Afghanistan was presented Monday to the family of a Navy SEAL from Long Island, who gave his life to make a radio call for help for his team.

President Bush presented the nation's highest military honor for valor to the family of Lt. Michael Murphy of Patchogue, N.Y.

KRM- Will is stay dead?

The KRM has died again.

What killed us during the Joint Finance Committee hearings, saved us today.

Our dear Rep. Kreuser proposed inserting the KRM funding back into the budget today. Because the KRM was not in the budget, it would take a majority vote to add it back in. It failed on a 4 to 4 vote. 4 Republicans voted against adding it, 4 Democrats voted for it.

This happened over and over again during the Joint Finance Committee hearings. If the Republicans wanted to add an amendment, it would fail because of a split vote. If Republicans attempted to remove an expenditure from the budget, it failed because of a split vote.

This time, a split vote bite a Democrat and another tax increase.

Thank goodness.

Transfer of funds from Patient Compensation Fund

There was no deal between the DOA and the Wisconsin Medical Society to transfer funds.

Over the last several days there have been some questions roaming around at whether or not the WMS was offering some money to the governor in transferred funds. Approximately, $100 million had been offered.

I emailed Mark Grapentine, spokesman for the Wisconsin Medical Society, in hopes of clarifying this issue.

Mr. Grapentine responded very quickly to clarify the position of the WMS and the $200 million transfer in funds.

He was very clear, there was absolutely no deal cut with the governor or the DOA.

However, there were talks taking place back in January. At that time in January, the WMS was offering $100 million in fund transfer, but they would need some changes in the current laws in order to protect the fund from future raids.

Obviously, at that time, the Wisconsin Medical Society and the Department of Administration were working together.

Here is a copy of the memo sent to Dan Schooff, Secretary of the Department of Administration, in January. Click on image to enlarge.

As you can see from reading the memo, the Wisconsin Medical Society is attempting to protect the fund from future raids and they needed the help of our government in order to protect this fund. They were willing to transfer $100 million in order to give the governor a portion of what he needed.

The Governor and the DOA rejected the offer and proceeded to write into the 2007-2009 a $175 million transfer.

According the Mr. Grapentine, the DOA and the Wisconsin Medical Society have not communicated since Governor Doyle placed a $175 million transfer in the budget.

Clearly there was not deal, but that did not stop the rumor mill. Unfortunately, it appears the only part of the rumor that made it out is that the Wisconsin Medical Society had been willing to give the governor $100 million. Of course, there was more too it than this.

In order to dispel the rumors, Mr. Grapentine released another memo in April, to the Joint Finance Committee stating very clearly that a deal to transfer funds had not been reached by the Governor and the Society. Once again the Society reached out to the Joint Finance Committee showing their willingness to work out a deal that would not only protect these funds from future government raids.

Here is a copy of the memo to the Joint Finance Committee in April. Click on the picture to enlarge-

Now whether or not the Wisconsin Medical Society should have reached out to our governor in effort to come to an agreement is really between the Society and her members.

I certainly understand why they would do it. They were tired of the fight taking place every two years.

However, our government decided that not only would they take more money than the original offer, but also they would do nothing to protect the raids in the future.

I cannot blame WMS for making this effort. They seem to be attempting to make a good faith gesture towards our governor.

Unfortunately, we all know what happens when you give our government an inch, they will take a mile.

I am glad to see that at least this latest budget will protect against future raids. Our legislators need to make sure that every effort is made to protect this fund in the future. Even if it means that current Wisconsin laws need to be changed, this fund needs to be provided protection.

A lawsuit is coming, Mr. Grapentine has assured me. To quote Mr. Grapentine’s email directly-

“If the Governor signs a budget that includes a raid, we will be suing the state before the "e" is dry in "Doyle."

I love this quote!

Now whether or not they can win a lawsuit is another matter all together. I am certainly no lawyer and I have no idea. I have heard different things from different lawyers- some say yes, some say no.

The Governor and the DOA must feel pretty confidant they will win or that the WMS will give up.

Personally, I wish the Society had made no advances towards our government when it came to these funds.

I guess we will see what becomes of the lawsuit.

I have to say, as a person that wanted to see that no funds were transferred, I am more than a little disappointed that the WMS was willing to offer $100 million, even if they were just trying to protect future raids.

It is a little tough to continue to jump up and down, now that we know that the WMS was all too willing to deal with the governor and the joint finance committee.

I am even more disappointed that the taxpayers will end up paying for a lawsuit when the Society, on several occasions offered to work this out, before the budget was set.

Government run health care

Once again, universal health care is being touted on the front pages of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Execs tout universal coverage

There is no doubt in my mind that a good number of business execs are interested in dumping expensive health care plans.

Unfortunatly, their plan is the same as every other universal health care plan. We have to turn over our very lives to a cold hearted, immoral, unethical and incompetent government.

Currently our lives are in the hands of cold hearted, immoral, unethical and incompetent insurance companies.

Neither way works. We have seen nothing by failed government controlled universal health care plans in other countries. There is not one single government run health care plan in any country that can be considered successful.

I am an American. I believe that I should have control of my life, like the US Constitution guarantees. Is this too much to ask?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interesting Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorials

I am not sure how long it has been since I have seen this on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel webpages. We have two conflicting editorials when it comes to Milwaukee County parks:

Editorial: Governance changes needed for the parks

the flip side:

Parks district a path to taxes and bureaucracy

For the record- does Milwaukee need more government that has the power to tax the people?

Democrat backing off his agreement on budget

Kenosha's very own state Representative Jim Kreuser appears to be attempting to back away from the budget deal.

Kreuser is upset that the KRM did not make it into the budget.

Rumor has it, Kreuser plans on re-introducing the KRM to the budget on Monday.

I am pretty certain I saw our legislative leaders shaking hands and smiling on Friday, including Kreuser. What did it take- less than 24 hours, and already Kreuser is attempting to back away?

What say you-Kreuser?

Are you a man of your word?

Does a handshake mean anything to you?

Are you planning on keeping your word or are you going to act like the typical political weasel and go back on your word?

Call, write and email State Rep. Jim Kreuser and tell him to be a man of his word-

Madison OfficeRoom
201 WestState
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708

Telephone(608) 266-5504 Or(888) 534-0064
Fax(608) 282-3664
Email: Rep.Kreuser@legis.wisconsin.gov

Can you imagine the outrage if Huebsch floated the idea of backing away from the cigarette tax?

A Packer legend...

Rest in Peace, Max McGee

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wisconsin Patient's Compensation Fund

A very reliable little birdie told me that the Wisconsin Patient's Compensation Fund folks were willing to give up a boatload of cash in a transfer to our state government.

Most conservatives were fighting to keep the money in the fund. The general thinking has been that the Republicans caved on this issue. Turns out, those heading the PCF were not as interested in keeping the fund intact and they were offering it up.

So the idea that the PCF will sue the state to protect their money is probably a loser of an issue. Looks like the PCF folks were trying to get in the good graces of the governor.

If the PCF sues, they would likely lose the lawsuit.

I am emailing a few folks in the MSM to see if we can get verification that the PCF was offering up $100 million in funds.

Stay tuned...

The State Budget- My opinion

I have gotten a couple of calls and a email asking how I felt about the budget deal.

I am satisfied. Actually I am probably more than satisfied, I am downright giddy over a number of items that were negotiated in our favor.

I know there are some that believe that any tax increase is a total failure. I don't. The reason I don't believe this is because the political reality is that conservatives do not control our state government.

Governor Doyle and the Democrats control 2/3rds of our state government and the reality is, they should have gotten every single thing they wanted. In our country, the majority still rules.

The very fact that Speaker Huebsch and the Assembly Republicans were able to stop over 2/3rds of the governor's tax increases in a major victory for the little guy.

I am almost stunned at the amount of consessions the Assembly Republicans got from the Democrats.

Here is a list of items the Democrats lost on:

Healthy Wisconsin- $15.2 Billion increases
Gas Tax- $270 million
Hospital tax- $418 Million
Nursing Home bed tax
Increase the property tax levy limits to from 2% to 4%
Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee rail line
Lost Taxes on Social Security Income
Forced full funding for Wisconsin Veterans to get college education
Lost $25 million in Stewardship funding
Lost Millions upon Millions of dollars in new taxes on businesses proposed by the Senate Democrats
KRM goes down in flames(I know I have already listed this one, but I just had to mention it again)

and on and and on

What did the Assembly Republicans lose-

Cigarette tax goes up by $1.00 per pack(although the governor and the senate democrats wanted $1.25 per pack, they were forced to reduce this amount)

Wisconsin covenant- This is not really a since there is no program - so Republicans actually lost nothing on the this- the battle will rage on.

Patient Compensation Fund transfer- I am not really sure we lost anything on this either. This money does not belong to our state government, it belongs to the physicians of our state. They will fight this tooth and nail. The physicians have a very good chance of winning their case. It is possible the state completely loses.

All in all, this was a huge victory for Republicans in our state. Even though they only control 1/3rd of our state government, they stop billions upon billions of dollars in new spending and new taxes.

Governor Doyle should have easily gotten his budget passed with $1.75 Billion in tax and fee increases. After all, he and the Democrats control 2/3rds of our state government. Instead the governor got only $600+ million plus in tax increases, compared to $1.75 billion.

The Senate Democrats should have easily gotten their $18 Billion in tax and fee increases. After all, the governor should have been on their side. He was not.

If this were a basketball game with a total of 100 points scored. The Republicans won the game against the governor by a score of 67 to 33. Republicans routed the governor's team.

Against the Democrats in the Senate, the Republicans clobbered them by a score of 96 to 4.

To those conservatives that believe that if the other team scores, then all is lost, it is gut check time. We should have lost every single budget battle.

The reality is, we would have had no tax increases, if Mark Green were governor and we controlled the Senate. Neither of these things is true.

I have said it before on this blog- I don't expect our guys to win every battle, I expect them to fight every battle. They did.

We have got to work a little harder to take our government out of the hands of the Democrats and those Republicans determined to tax and spend. That is the only way to stop the Democrats from raising our taxes is to throw them out of office.

Elections mean something. Let's stop the tax and spenders and elect ourselves a government that cares about the people of this state. Let us elect a government that actually listens to the people and does what is asked of them.

The time is now to end frivilous government spending and out of control taxes. The time is now to take back our state!

In the meantime, the battle over the KRM and the Wisconsin Covenant rages on. Keep fighting the tax increases! As you can see, even when we are the underdogs, the taxpayers can win, even when they are overwhelmed by a bloated government.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Local Governments are managing

Some local governments are managing, even without a state budget-

There's no danger of a local government shutdown, but local governments warn that taxpayers will face higher property taxes and cuts to services without a state budget.

Despite a stalemate in Madison over a biennial budget, many local governments are moving forward on their budgets even as they wait to hear where they stand on state revenue sharing, transportation aid and the property tax assessment ratio.

You would think that budgeting without the extra state revenue would be the smart way to go. Something tells me that the moment a new budget passes on the state level, that many of these local governments would have no problems redoing their budget, if they end up getting more money than they planned for:

"It'd be nice to know for certain, but we just took a conservative approach," said Howard village Administrator Joshua Smith. "We've always been under a self-imposed levy cap not to exceed our new construction growth,"

Why it is some local governments are managing just fine and others are having a hissy fit?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Running the gauntlet...(AFP Taxpayer Rally)

Yes, I went to today's taxpayer rally hosted by Americans for Prosperity. It was an event that was well organized and truly a great event.

This taxpayer rally was an unprecedented event being held in Madison. For the first time ever, taxpayers of Wisconsin took off of work and headed to the capital of Wisconsin and stood on the steps of the capital and declared that "We have had enough!" It was long past due.

The state workers and the unions were out in full force. We had originally been told that the unions would outnumber us by a 4 t0 1 margin. In reality, they actually only outnumbered us in a 2 to 1 margin.

One was clearly evident, they believe that they are entitled. Anyone challenging them on their entitlement was cursed at, screamed at and insulted. I have never seen a group of people so filled with hatred for those that provide them with a paycheck. Never.

But, I don't really want to talk about that now.

Something happened today that was truly amazing. The taxpayers of Wisconsin were represented not only on the front steps of the capital, but in the media also. I happened to catch three of the four major networks reporting on this event on the 6pm news tonight. In every single one of these reports both sides were represented. Not just the union side, but the chants of "no new taxes" were blasted throughout the state in every single major media market in the state of Wisconsin.

This is unprecedented. Rarely, if ever, is the taxpayer's voice heard. Today it was, and the media reported on it.

There is a huge lesson to be learned here.

Unless we, at the grassroots level, are willing to show up, then the voices of the taxpayers will rarely be heard. Talk radio is not enough. Blogs are not enough. These are wonderful things that help advance the causes we believe in, but more is needed.

Many Wisconsinites sit back and complain that their government is not listening to them. Sometimes I wonder also.

The questions I have is- are we talking to our government? Are we communicating with them? Are you emailing them, calling them or writing them?

Yes, a very valuable lesson should have been learned today. We have got to be willing to show up, if we want to have our voices heard. Even if it means that we have to run through a gauntlet of angry people that outnumber us 2 to 1.

Today, 400 people or so, ran through a gauntlet of angry people who feel entitled to our money, and we took a stand.

The moment every single major media market reported on this story, the taxpayer's voices were heard.

The taxpayers of Wisconsin have been the silent, jilted majority for way too long.

We will be silent no longer.

Thank you to Americans for Prosperity for hosting this event. Without their organization, the taxpayers voices would have never been heard today.

Also, thank you to our legislators who run the gauntlet every single day, and still they stand up for the taxpayers. Apparently, these same union people are at the capital on a regular basis, screaming and cursing at the Republicans. It takes an immense amount of courage to continue to fight for the taxpayers, when they are taking the abuse on a daily basis.

More later. Yes- I had a union member with a green shirt standing two inches from my face screaming at me. I'll tell you about it and our speakers later.

Governor Doyle, I dare you...

Actually, Governor Doyle, I double dog dare you to follow through on your threat to begin shutting down Wisconsin government because you do not have the tax increases you want.

From WisPolitics Budget Blog-

Gov. Jim Doyle said a partial government shutdown "may well be necessary" if lawmakers can't reach a deal on the budget during a press conference this afternoon in his office at the State Capitol.

It would be political suicide for the Governor to begin to shut down Wisconsin's government, especially since we have a budget in place.

Could you imagine the response if Governor Doyle began telling senior citizens that their health care services will be cut?

This is the very same governor that telling senior citizens that their fees for a bed in a nursing home must go up.

Essentially the governor is threatening to cut off services because the taxpayers will not give him the money he is demanding.

Wisconsin government, Jim Doyle and the Democrats have plenty of money to spend. Depending on whose numbers you are looking out, we are the seventh highest taxed state in the nation.

Every single state surrounding us, pays a smaller percentage of their paycheck in state and local taxes. Yes, even Illinois residents do not pay out as much as we do-

Wisconsin residents pay 12.3% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Illinois residents pay 10.8% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Minnesota residents pay 11.5% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Michigan residents pay 11.2% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Iowa residents pay 11.0% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Every single state surrounding us can somehow manage to meet the needs of their residents and do it without a tax burden as high as Wisconsin.

The continued threats we are getting from Governor Doyle and the Democrats further proves the catastrophic failure in leadership that Wisconsin residents are left to deal with.

The governor continues to prove over and over and over again that he has no clue how to properly manage taxpayer money.

Our governor is running around the state threatening taxpayers with cuts in services because we will not give him more money to mismanage.

In the meantime, the governor and the Democrats are doing everything in their power to give more and more of our money to illegal immigrants. It is absolutely ridiculous that the governor is threatening the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin with cuts in services, even as he is doling out more money for illegal immigrants to go to college.

The Governor and the Democrats do not realize that it is not the Assembly Republicans that they are threatening, it is the taxpayers that they are threatening.

Yes, Governor Doyle and the Democrats- I double dog dare you to start cutting government services to the already overtaxed Wisconsinite.

Wisconsin taxpayers already know that if you follow up on your threat, you will further prove your complete and utter incompetence.

We give our state government plenty of money, they just cannot handle it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coke vs. Pepsi

Hey folks, they are serious about this stuff-

State police in Indiana, Pa., are investigating after a Pepsi employee allegedly assaulted a Coca-Cola employee while making a delivery at a Wal-Mart in White Township on Oct. 1.

According to police, Robert Koscho, 48, of Ebensburg, and the Pepsi employee, David Paulina, 42, of Clymer, were bickering back and forth while making their deliveries at the Oakland Avenue store. Police said the two are also accused of trying to run each other over with pallets full of soda bottles.

As Koscho left the store, police said, Paulina called him over and punched him three times in the face, breaking Koscho's nose and giving him a black eye.

"As the victim left the store, the suspect came over and got into a physical confrontation with him and struck him a few times," said Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Jeanne Martin. "He hit him in the face, gave him a black eye and broke his nose."

A Coca-Cola representative told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that the fight started over shelf space in the aisles of the store.

Shelf position is very important for product sales, and the competition for prime space can be fierce, according to Gary Baum, who owns Cook's Market in Greensburg.

"Most places have to pay premium prices for each linear foot of shelf space, especially when you get to the frozen food, beverages, cigarette companies," Baum said.

Pepsi said they have fired Paulina over the incident, saying they don't tolerate violence in the workplace.

At this time, police continue to investigate the incident.

I still prefer Diet Coke, no matter where you put it on the shelf.

Rep. Pocan wins the "I said something goofy" award

Rep. Pocan wins today’s “I said something goofy” award.

Pocan said the only individuals who may feel the tax hikes would be "an oil executive who smokes three packs a day and is under GPS supervision."

Oh really now???? Only oil executives that smoke will feel the effects of the Democrat's tax increases?

Now, perhaps Pocan does not realize that oil executives are not the only people driving in the state of Wisconsin. Remember the gas tax increases and the extra fees for registering a car and getting a new liscense.

I guess only oil execs get sick and end up in the hospital too. Remember that hospital tax Pocan and his fellow Democrats just voted for?

Apparently, only oil executives end up in nursing homes also. The Democrats just voted to increase the bed tax on the elderly living in nursing homes.

I could go on and on, but I think I made my point.

I mean, really, how can Pocan make such a claim and actually look at himself in the mirror?

Waiting for the state collapse

If you believe Governor Doyle, the entire state will collapse because the Democrats did not get their tax increases-

"The cost to operate school buses, pay heating bills and maintain roads has gone up, and lawmakers refuse to deal with it," Doyle said. "The state is spending more than we are taking in, and we will be unable to fund essential services that protect the health and safety of our citizens."

Now that is interesting- the state is spending more than it is taking in. If this is truly the case, why does the government keep spending so much.

If this is truly the case, that means the state was spending more last week, last month and last year.

Of course, when Republicans claim we are spending too much and make an attempt to cut spending- the Democrats come unhinged. The Governor begins running all over the state telling senior citizens that Republicans are trying to take their Medicaid away from them. He tells firefighters and school teachers that Republicans are trying to take their jobs. On and on.

Since the governor has finally woken up to realize that the state is spending more than it is taking in, here is a piece of advice-

Stop spending more than you are taking in.

No- that does not mean you increase taxes, so you can increase spending- you cut spending!

The Governor and the Democrats have some hard choices to make over the next several weeks. They need to decide where they plan on cutting spending in order to live off of the money they already overtax. We are one of the highest taxed states in the nation- there is plenty of money to meet the needs of the state of Wisconsin.

So Democrats, since you cannot get your increases, where do you plan on cutting spending in order to keep the entire state from collapsing under the weight of overspending?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Assembly Republicans stop Doyle's tax increases

The vote was not as close as originally thought.

Governor Doyle's joke of a budget went down in flames in the Assembly-

44- Ayes 53- Nays

1 Republican jumped ship and sided with tax increases

2 Democrats voted against Doyle's budget

Edited to add: My bad, 3 Democrats voted no to the Democrat's tax increases- Wasserman, Vruwink and Ziegelbauer. Sorry, didn't see you tucked in at the bottom Rep. Ziegelbauer.

Congratulations Sami and Robin

Congratulations to Sami and State Rep. Robin Vos on their engagement.

This is awesome!

You mean Assembly Republicans have a good idea?

For months and months we have been debating health care here in Wisconsin and finally someone noticed that the Assembly Republicans might have a good idea. Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Encouraging people to shop for health care based on price and quality is one of the cornerstones of what is called consumer-driven health care - the idea that market forces can make the health care system more efficient. The expectation is that increasing competition will spur hospitals and doctors to improve quality and control costs.

President Bush and most of the Republican presidential candidates back this approach to health care reform. It also underlies the health care reforms proposed by the Wisconsin Assembly.

Well, I'll be jiggered, the Republicans do have a plan when it comes to health care costs.

If you listened to the media, especially here in Wisconsin over the last several months, you would not think that the Republicans even cared about health care costs.

The idea is so simple. It is a proven method that works.

When consumers have an opportunity to comparison shop, this forces the markets to be competitive.
America has been a consumer driven market that forces competition since our birth as a nation.

However, when it comes to health care, we have taken the consumer out of the process and all that is left are the doctors, hospitals and the insurance companies. All of these folks are banking off of the American consumer.

And we wonder why our health care costs are so high????

The Democrats answer to high health care costs-
Government run health care!

Just turn your troubles over to the government, they will take care of you.(maybe)
Clearly, some of these Democrats have no clue what an actual free market system is:

State Senator Russ Decker:
We have a health care system that the free market created right now and it is failing us.

No, Senator Decker- you are the one failing the American people. You and politicians just like yourself, have cut the consumer out of the process.

In every other marketplace in America, we, as consumers, have the ability to find out how much a product costs before we actually make a decisions on which product to purchase.

Not with health care- we have no choices.

Have you ever gone to the doctors office and sign a on the bottom line that you would pay, even if your insurance company did not. You are actually signing something and you have no idea what the costs will be. These folks can charge whatever they chose, the insurance companies can choose to pay or not pay whatever they like. However you and I do not have the choice.

It is time to fix this problem and open up the health care marketplace. Health care costs will continue to skyrocket as long as we, the consumer, are not given the information necessary to make a informed decision.

I have heard the arguments that our insurance companies force us to go to one place or another, but that argument does not hold water.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually bring some exposure to the insurance companies also. Why not?

Why should we not know exactly how much our insurance companies are paying to the doctors and hospitals?

It is time to expose the health care systems. I think many would be shocked to note that the problem is not the doctors and nurses providing the health care, the problem goes well beyond them.

As a nation, we are finally bringing corporate corruption and greed to the front pages of America's newspapers.

I am willing to bet, that corruption and greed is running rampant through out our health care system.

It is time to bring some light to our health care systems and stop the runaway costs in health care.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

BNN Weekly Rankings

Congrats everyone!

Wisconsin's Most Influential Political blogs

1McBride's Media Matters
2Texas Hold 'Em Blogger
4An Ol' Broad's Ramblings
5Badger Blogger
6The Right Side of Wisconsin
7Boots and Sabers
8Real Debate Wisconsin
9The World According to Nick
10No Runny Eggs
11The Political Environment
12Spring City Chronicle
13Pundit Nation
14folkbum's rambles and rants
15From Where I Sit
16silent E speaks
18Wigderson Library & Pub
20The Still Spinnin Blog

Governor Doyle porking it up

Governor Doyle is attempting to buy votes in order to pass his second budget.

Gov. Jim Doyle's second budget includes a few regional favors added to tempt enough Republicans into votes that would help it squeeze through the Assembly on Monday.

It is called pork-

• $7 million for the reopened paper mill in Park Falls, the largest community in the district of Republican Rep. Mary Williams of Medford.

• A $4 million soybean crusher in the district of Republican Rep. Brett Davis of Oregon, who holds a seat long coveted by Democrats.

• A new Juneau County Circuit Court judgeship that Republican Rep. Sheryl Albers of Reedsburg has been fighting to have authorized for years.

• Full funding of a 2005 law that would waive university and college tuition for veterans - a law that Republican Rep. Terry Musser of Black River Falls, chairman of the Assembly Veterans Committee, helped pass.

• Biofuels funding, which is a top priority of Republican Rep. Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls.

This is all a perfect example of what taxpayers have come to hate about our government.

Every taxpayer in Wisconsin could by punished for a soy bean crusher.

That's right! A $4 million soy bean crusher could cost taxpayers in the rest of the state $1 billion!

Friday, October 12, 2007

AMT: The Democrats get it wrong

The Democrats continue to answer the following question wrong:

Do the people work for the government or does the government work for the people?

When it comes to the Alternative Minimum Tax, the Democrats are once again saying that the people work for the government. At issue is $841 billion in taxes that would be eliminated if the Alternative Minimum Tax is finally waved.

So the Democrats are currently devising a plan to raise taxes to replace the $841 billion is lost revenue.

Clearly, the Democrats believe the money is their money and the taxpayers need to replace it.

Dems are upset because Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate the AMT does not include a plan to find a new source of revenue for the $841 billion.

From the MJS-

The Ryan plan pointedly provides nothing to replace the estimated $840 billion in tax revenue that would be lost over 10 years with the abolition of the AMT, as it's known.

House Democrats are expected to offer a plan soon that also would abolish the unpopular AMT, but offset such a move by raising other taxes.

Uh, here is a thought- how about reducing spending instead of finding new ways to tax the people?

Apparently, this thought does not cross the minds of the Democrats.

Don't tell me it cannot be done. Currently, legislators are adding billions in pork to next year's budget.

Still millions upon millions of dollars of tax increases

The Governor releases this yesterday as a pre-cursor to his new budget proposal.

Here is a comparison between the Governor's new budget versus the Assembly and Senate budgets. (H/T WisPolitics Budget Blog)

You will note in page after page after page, that the Governor has chosen the Senate's version of the budget of massive tax increases.

After viewing this document, it is very clear that there are still many items that had not yet been debated during the budget negotiations. For weeks, the Governor stated that a budget compromise was close at hand. After looking at this document- it is very clear, many of these items had not yet been addressed. The idea that a budget compromise was close at hand, is complete farse.

You will also note in this document, that Wisconsin business, Wisconsin senior citizens and Wisconsin taxpayers are under attack by the Governor.

Still included in this budget are massive tax increases on business, senior citizens and taxpayers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Budget: The worst move the Governor could make

If you think this special session on the budget is going to move along quickly and a new budget will be in place soon, think again.

The Governor's special session, just exposed the budget to the entire legislative floor. Everyone gets a say now. Every single legislators gets to fight for their own community's issues. Imagine the amendments- "My constituents need a new community center" or whatever.

I think it is kind of funny, that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board is actually encouraging this-

Assembly and Senate leaders should free their respective caucuses to vote what they view as their constituents' best interests.

Funnier yet, the MJS editors are already lobbying for more money to go to Milwaukee-

That would be a budget that allows for progress on health care, education and poverty in particular, keeping in mind that elements in the governor's so-called Milwaukee initiative are pegged to the certain maxim that what helps Milwaukee, ailing on too many fronts, helps the state.

Yeah- this budget is going to take a while.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What was the point?

I was hoping for a short strike between the UAW and Chrysler, but even I am shocked the strike is now over.

I am happy the strike is over, I guess I am just wondering what the point of going on strike for 6 hours.

What did the UAW gain from a 6 hour strike?

According to the AP, the deal that the UAW and Chrysler struck was not as good as the GM deal-

The person, who requested anonymity because the contract has not been ratified by union members, said the new vehicle guarantees are not as extensive as those given by General Motors Corp.

Like the following Kenosha plant worker, I am worried for all of my friends that either work at Chrysler or are retired from Chrysler. Chrysler did not have much to lose by a longer strike. They are sitting on mountains of inventory.

"It's good that the strike is over, but now I'm apprehensive," said James Mosley, 55, a Chrysler veteran of 35 years in Kenosha, Wisconsin. "What I want to know is what we got and what we had to give up."

The good news is that Kenosha Chrysler workers can get back to work and start building engines again.

Kenosha's Chrysler engine plant shut down

Chrysler is on strike.

This has shut down Kenosha’s engine plant.

According to the AP, the difference between Chrysler and GM is that Chrysler management is not under the time crunch that GM was under.

A short strike likely will have little effect on the automaker, which had a 71-day supply of cars and trucks on dealer lots at the end of August, according to Ward’s AutoInfoBank. A walkout longer than a month would start to cut into sales, said Paul Taylor, chief economist with the National Automobile Dealers Association.

I sure hope these guys are not on strike for very long.

Hopefully both sides are working towards a quick resolution.

Kenosha becomes a very depressing town to live in when Chrysler is on strike. It is like everyone is in a bad mood.

As I said, I hope it does not last long.

Governor Doyle just slowed the budget negotiations

Governor Doyle has decided he is going to re-do his budget, because the first one did not pass.

I don't think the Governor realizes the huge mess he has created, because of his massive tax increases.

Even though the Governor does not realize it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognizes it-

Never before has a Wisconsin governor introduced a revised budget after his first one failed to pass, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Governor Doyle's budget failed!

Because the Governor's refusal to continue negotiations, that were moving forward, now we start the process all over again.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gets it. Just when things were moving forward, this move by governor, has slowed the process down again-

The new bickering signaled that the state government - which Doyle said is limping along at pre-July 1 spending levels - won't have a budget for weeks.

More later.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wisconsin State Employees Union demanding tax increases

I received this via email. Apparently, this union is just having a ball bashing Republicans. Who is the Local 2748?

Why, they are affiliated with the Wisconsin State Employees Union. Here is their web site.

From: 4info@local2748.org [mailto:4info@local2748.org]
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 1:17 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Real CUTS, Real PEOPLE, Real PAIN! - Join Us for a Rally


Its Rally Time! <http://capwiz.com/wseu-sepac/utr/1/LNISHRQAJS/HCDZHRQALW/1463098136&g
t; Take Action!
We need you, your family, and your co-workers

A day to stand up, keep fighting and be counted!
Be on hand to welcome members of the anti tax crowd to the state Capitol on Wednesday,
October 17th, 10:00am - 2:00pm.
Anti-government zealots calling themselves "Americans for Prosperity" (the
people behind TABOR) have bought billboards in metro areas and will rent buses to bring
their followers to Madison. Right wing bloggers and radio squawkers are loudly promoting
the event. Their effort is aimed squarely at public services. Their goal is to fan
anti-tax flames and encourage Republican members of the State Assembly to continue
blocking the long-overdue state budget.
Many GOP Assembly representatives have put out press releases claiming Wisconsin can
survive without a new state budget just fine. (Under this scenario, the state would
operate under the old budget, which doesn't account for increasing costs such as energy
and health care. Without a new budget, these higher costs would have to be offset by
severe cuts to public services and elimination of jobs).
There are real consequences when the legislature fails to do its main job, which is to
pass a new budget every two years.
School funding, the UW System, local government aid, corrections operations, Medicaid
funding, state employee contract negotiations and much more is at stake. Most recently,
Governor Doyle warned that without a new budget, state employees could face layoffs.
In the interest of getting the job done, Democrats who control the State Senate and the
Governor's office have made many compromises. They realize there is a steep cost to the
state if a budget does not get done. By refusing to work on a budget compromise,
Republicans in the Assembly are refusing to do their jobs. If you don't do your job, you
shouldn't keep your job.
Download, print and distribute this event flyer.
<http://capwiz.com/wseu-sepac/utr/1/LNISHRQAJS/MVWTHRQALX/1463098136> http://www.wseu-sepac.org/flyers/flyer_capitolrally_20071017.pdf
Checkout the Rally webpage at the SEPAC website. The Rally page contains pertinent
information and will contain information related to the bus schedules, as they become
<http://capwiz.com/wseu-sepac/utr/1/LNISHRQAJS/IUYMHRQALY/1463098136> http://www.wseu-sepac.org/rally_capitolgrounds_20071017.htm
Thanks for your support and we hope to see you on Wednesday, October 17th.


If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, please click here <http://capwiz.com/wseu-sepac/lmx/u/?jobid=91219692&queueid=1463098136> .

Crandon: Where were the police?

A killer was on the loose in their community, he showed up at a friend's house, who called 911 over and over again, nobody showed up.

For hours and hours this took place. Numerous phone calls were made to 911, starting as early as 7:30 am.

According to MJS-

Kegley's wife, Mary, discreetly called 911. She and her son, a lifelong friend of Peterson's, coaxed the work-issued assault rifle he had proudly shown off just days earlier from his hand. He wouldn't part with his police-issued pistol, though.


So Kegley hid several guns around his property, just in case he needed them to defend himself.

Again, they called 911

And again:

Peterson said he had called all the victims' families to say how sorry he was. He talked about what he should do, how he would surrender only to his boss, Crandon Police Chief John Dennee, and how he wanted to speak with District Attorney Leon Stenz.

The Kegleys again quietly called 911.

And again 10:30am:

Kegley owns a construction and roofing company housed on his property. Three of his workers were at the house, and as Peterson lingered, they called 911 "as many as 20 times," Kegley said.

Sometime around 10:30 a.m. when there was still no apparent sign of police, Mike Kegley left the house to "find out where the hell they were," he said.

The police had finally arrived and still made no attempt to get the killer, with more 911 calls:

Kegley met up with law enforcement agents down the road from his home, drew them maps of his property, the buildings and where Peterson had been talking to his son. Kegley and his wife were told they could not return to the house.

Law enforcement agents, by the dozens, fanned out around his property - but apparently made no attempt to actually get Peterson.

Authorities said Monday they established contact with Peterson, and Dennee did talk to him.

At some point, Peterson climbed into the back of his pickup truck and went to sleep.

Kegley's workers again called 911. Still no law enforcement officers tried to apprehend him.

It appears that 911 was called several dozen times before anyone attempted to get this situation under control.

Monday, October 08, 2007

BNN Rankings- Wisconsin's Most Influential Political Blogs

They are a little later than normal, but here is this week's list of Wisconsin's Most Influential Political Blogs.

Congratulations once again to Jessica McBride for repeating as #1.

Wisconsin's Most Influential Political blogs

1McBride's Media Matters
2Texas Hold 'Em Blogger
3Boots and Sabers
4Badger Blogger
5Real Debate Wisconsin
6An Ol' Broad's Ramblings
7Stepping Right Up!
8The Political Environment
9No Runny Eggs
11The Right Side of Wisconsin
12Charlie Sykes
13The World According to Nick
15From Where I Sit
16Spring City Chronicle
17Paul Soglin: Waxing America
19The (Somewhat) Daily RAG
20Right from the Right

Did you know?

Did you know that one of the issues on the state budget barganing table is to give the right to UW professors to unionize?

In today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

The state budget conference committee is considering a proposal that would extend this right to University of Wisconsin faculty and academic staff.

The committee should approve this as the fair thing to do. It's a vote for workers' right to organize, not for unions. There's a big difference. These workers, as a group, can also choose not to be unionized.

So what excuse is the MJS editorial board making, so they do not have to call it a union?

Choice - employed as an iconic concept elsewhere in education - is the key here. And, of course, one objection might be that those who don't want a union might be outvoted by those who do. Their choice then would be eliminated.

No, their argument will have lost, and they needn't partake of any subsequent bounties if they don't want them, according to officials with the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin who spoke to the Editorial Board last week.

Huh? It does not matter if membership is mandatory, it is still a union.

What about taxpayers?

You know, those silly folks that are shelling out billions in tax dollars and still paying billions more in tuition fees, book fees, room and board fees, etc.

Taxpayers might discern little advantage in a UW union. The vision of tenured professors with a wealth of protections already - and adding more - isn't one relished by anyone.

I was very excited to see that the MJS editorial staff was actually thinking about taxpayers since they are wholeheartedly supporting a UW union.

According the the MJS, taxpayers should not be worried about their colleges being hijacked because 29 other states have college unions.

Seriously, folks, that is their reason.

Read the editorial.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

KC's Wisconsin Winter Weight Loss Program

I was cruising around on Atomic Trouser's web page and it seems that Chris has discovered a new shoe. It is called a FitFlop. The makers of the shoe claim that it will:

  • Burn more calories
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Slim and tone your thighs
  • Strengthen and tone muscles in the feet, legs, buttocks, stomach, and back
Since I am always looking for a good weight loss program, it looked like a good deal to me. That is until I discovered these flip flops were $50.00 a pair. I am not paying $50 for a pair of flip flops when I can get them at Walmart for $3.

So, I had to come up with my very own Wisconsin Winter Weight loss program. Originally, I had planned on just going barefoot for the winter. Then it hit me, and I came up with an even bigger plan.

Here it is:

KC's Wisconsin Winter Weight Loss Program:

Go barefoot AND go naked for the winter!

Think about it, this will serve two purposes.

1. First the sheer embarrassment where everyone can see every single sag, will make you think twice about what you will eat.

2. Think about the exercise you will get. Just running from the house to the car to the store to picking up the kids.

It could work.

So, who is with me?

No tax increases!

Senator Judy Robson is complaining that the Repulicans are refusing to roll over and just let the Democrats tax increases go thru. According to her, a budget would be done if Republicans would just cave in the tax increases-

Robson said the budget could easily be finished in short order, if Republicans accept a package that includes raising the cigarette tax by $1.25 per pack, tapping $175 million in the state's medical malpractice fund and imposing a new tax on hospitals that would leverage more federal Medicaid funds. That money would go toward expanding health care in the state.

I thought the Democrats had given up their ideas of a hospital tax. Now they have gone back on their word and reimposed the hospital tax????

So, the Democrats have given up absolutley nothing, except Healthy Wisconsin, which would have never passed and if it did, the governor would never have signed it.

So the Democrats give up nothing, they demand more and more tax increases and they claim that the Republicans are dragging their heals on a budget?

Give up you tax increases Democrats and watch how fast a budget gets done!!!

Funny how that street goes both ways, huh?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Doyle's Circus continues to roll

The Jim Doyle circus continues to roll around Wisconsin. Clearly, the governor is now staging events.

See Charlie Sykes...

This email went out this afternoon. The author, Michelle Curtis told me that she was 'instructed" to send it out. Information on the list being used is protected under federal privacy laws, but the university is using its access to put together this political dog and pony show. Reaction should be interesting.

If this is not the use of state resources -- and federally protected data -- for political purposes, I don't know what would fit the definition.

Here is the letter posted by Charlie Sykes about the event being staged by the Governor-

I am the associate director in the UW-Madison financial aid office. I am contacting you because we have identified you as a student who received a Wisconsin Higher Education Grant ( WHEG) last year but did not receive one this year due to the cutoff for the grant coming much earlier than last year. This early cutoff is due to the current state budget impasse. You currently have sufficient financial need to receive the grant, you meet all other eligibility criteria but the funds are not available for you (and others in similar circumstances) to use for school expenses.


This time, the governor and his people may have overstepped their boundaries. Using taxpayer resources to do you political dirty work is definitely out of bounds.

See Jessica McBride for more...

Jessica Writes:
First, it is a violation of state law for a UW employee to engage inpolitical activities while at work. This has been interpreted to include workingon or assisting with a political campaign; displaying signs and similarmaterials in the work area supporting a partisan political candidate; and usingcampus mail, e-mail, telephones and equipment for political activities.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Psst... Pocan- Perhaps you are too incompetent to realize...

Pocan is flapping his gums again-

"These people aren't that dumb and incompetent that they can't get a budget done. It's that they willfully don't want to have it done."

Perhaps, Pocan is too incompetent to recognize that the only people to actually pass any budget legislation is the Republicans!

Remember AB 506, Pocan????


Well, let me refresh your memory. AB 506 is huge portion of the budget that completely funded K-12 schools and state revenue sharing for local governments. Over half of the budget was sitting right in front of you to vote on.


Wow, you got alot of nerve, Pocan, accusing Republicans of not wanting to complete the budget. Especially since you voted against completing half the budget yourself, while every single Republican in the Assembly voted for it.

Who is incompetent, Pocan? Who doesn't want a budget, Pocan?

Look is the mirror for your answer.

Buy American

Even if it means paying a little more, it is time to stop purchasing items with paint on it from China-

The Boy Scouts of America said Thursday that a painted, plastic badge commonly worn by some of its youngest scouts is being voluntarily recalled after a test revealed high levels of lead in the paint.

As many as 1.6 million of the badges, which are made in China, may be affected by the recall.

'We're doing everything we can,' Boy Scouts spokesman Gregg Shields said.


It is time to start buying American if this is the type of product that continues to come out of China.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

House OKs bill to prosecute contractors

I agree with this piece of legislation. We do not need unaccountable people running around in foreign countries making every single American look bad.

That being said- I could not help but notice that with all the talk about Blackwater, very few stories the past few weeks actually mention that it was the Blackwater contractors that were ambushed, killed, strung up in the middle of town and torched in Fallujah.

We need to remember that some of these men have sacrificed their lives in order to protect Americans. However, that does not mean they get a free pass.

What would a good governor do?

For months, the people of Wisconsin have been treated to a dog and pony show coming out of governor's office on the state budget.

We can see the governor's lips moving and hot air is coming out, but as far as actions, there has been absolutely no movement forward.

It got me to thinking, as I watch the governor's dog and pony show- what would a good governor do?

A good governor recognizes the needs of all the people in their state, not just the select few that paid for their election.
Since the day the governor announced his budget proposal, it has been painfully obvious- not everyone in this state is on the governor’s priority list. The governor’s budget, with $1.7 billion in tax and fee increases rewarded the people that paid plenty of money in order. WEAC and the UW Regents were at the top of the Governor’s list. The governor made it clear that the oil companies were at the bottom of the list. Worse, since the taxpayers are the ones to pay for the oil tax and every other tax and fee increase, the taxpayers are further down on the list than the oil companies.
The governor is the governor for every single individual in the state. That includes both Republicans and Democrats. It is a balancing act to meet everyone’s needs, and the governor is failing.

A good governor puts out fires, not starts them.

For the last several months, especially since the budget is late, the governor has been traveling the state starting fires and creating unnecessary panic among the Wisconsin people. The governor has bounced from community to community-stirring anger, panic and resentment among the community leaders. For example, the governor has told local governments would not get the necessary aid because a budget was not passed. In truth, without a budget, local communities get the same aid as they got last year. However, if the Governor really wants to provide re-assurance to these communities, he could promise to sign AB506.

Just recently, the Governor decided he would start another fire with the senior citizens. We have some senior citizens in this state really upset because the governor told them their costs for prescriptions are going up and it will cost them 12 times what they have been charged.

Doyle said seniors who now pay $5 for a generic drug prescription will pay an average of $60 per prescription if a budget is not passed.

I am not sure how anyone can read this and not consider our governor to be a cruel and hateful man. Why would you tell senior citizens this? Our governor is purposefully telling senior citizens this in order to get what he wants from the budget. GOOD GOVERNORS DO NOT DO THIS TO THE SENIOR CITIZENS IN THEIR STATE.

A good governor shows leadership

For months, we have all known that there was a deep divide between the governor’s budget, the assembly budget and the senate’s budget. Even after knowing that the budget would be late because of these deep divides, the governor made no move until a few weeks ago to move the process forward. Good governors do not wait until deadlines are looming before attempting to bring all sides together.

As already has been pointed out, the governor was too busy running around the state starting fires, instead of sitting down and helping the process move forward.

A good governor does not look a gift horse in the mouth

With a massive tax increase looming because of local governments and school district deadlines, the State Assembly passed the largest portion of the budget that would protect the taxpayers, local governments and school districts. The governor was handed a gift.

Our governor has promised a veto. Even as our governor continues to issue threats, he is refusing to move on the portion of the budget that is done.

A good governor would have set aside his partisan differences, encouraged the senate(controlled by his own political party) to take up the bill , and signed the necessary legislation to protect schools, local governments and taxpayers.

Wisconsin deserved a good Governor during this budget mess. We did not get a good governor. This budget mess has proven that true.