Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Governor Doyle, I dare you...

Actually, Governor Doyle, I double dog dare you to follow through on your threat to begin shutting down Wisconsin government because you do not have the tax increases you want.

From WisPolitics Budget Blog-

Gov. Jim Doyle said a partial government shutdown "may well be necessary" if lawmakers can't reach a deal on the budget during a press conference this afternoon in his office at the State Capitol.

It would be political suicide for the Governor to begin to shut down Wisconsin's government, especially since we have a budget in place.

Could you imagine the response if Governor Doyle began telling senior citizens that their health care services will be cut?

This is the very same governor that telling senior citizens that their fees for a bed in a nursing home must go up.

Essentially the governor is threatening to cut off services because the taxpayers will not give him the money he is demanding.

Wisconsin government, Jim Doyle and the Democrats have plenty of money to spend. Depending on whose numbers you are looking out, we are the seventh highest taxed state in the nation.

Every single state surrounding us, pays a smaller percentage of their paycheck in state and local taxes. Yes, even Illinois residents do not pay out as much as we do-

Wisconsin residents pay 12.3% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Illinois residents pay 10.8% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Minnesota residents pay 11.5% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Michigan residents pay 11.2% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Iowa residents pay 11.0% of their paycheck in state and local taxes

Every single state surrounding us can somehow manage to meet the needs of their residents and do it without a tax burden as high as Wisconsin.

The continued threats we are getting from Governor Doyle and the Democrats further proves the catastrophic failure in leadership that Wisconsin residents are left to deal with.

The governor continues to prove over and over and over again that he has no clue how to properly manage taxpayer money.

Our governor is running around the state threatening taxpayers with cuts in services because we will not give him more money to mismanage.

In the meantime, the governor and the Democrats are doing everything in their power to give more and more of our money to illegal immigrants. It is absolutely ridiculous that the governor is threatening the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin with cuts in services, even as he is doling out more money for illegal immigrants to go to college.

The Governor and the Democrats do not realize that it is not the Assembly Republicans that they are threatening, it is the taxpayers that they are threatening.

Yes, Governor Doyle and the Democrats- I double dog dare you to start cutting government services to the already overtaxed Wisconsinite.

Wisconsin taxpayers already know that if you follow up on your threat, you will further prove your complete and utter incompetence.

We give our state government plenty of money, they just cannot handle it.

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