Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Governor Doyle just slowed the budget negotiations

Governor Doyle has decided he is going to re-do his budget, because the first one did not pass.

I don't think the Governor realizes the huge mess he has created, because of his massive tax increases.

Even though the Governor does not realize it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognizes it-

Never before has a Wisconsin governor introduced a revised budget after his first one failed to pass, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Governor Doyle's budget failed!

Because the Governor's refusal to continue negotiations, that were moving forward, now we start the process all over again.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gets it. Just when things were moving forward, this move by governor, has slowed the process down again-

The new bickering signaled that the state government - which Doyle said is limping along at pre-July 1 spending levels - won't have a budget for weeks.

More later.

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