Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What was the point?

I was hoping for a short strike between the UAW and Chrysler, but even I am shocked the strike is now over.

I am happy the strike is over, I guess I am just wondering what the point of going on strike for 6 hours.

What did the UAW gain from a 6 hour strike?

According to the AP, the deal that the UAW and Chrysler struck was not as good as the GM deal-

The person, who requested anonymity because the contract has not been ratified by union members, said the new vehicle guarantees are not as extensive as those given by General Motors Corp.

Like the following Kenosha plant worker, I am worried for all of my friends that either work at Chrysler or are retired from Chrysler. Chrysler did not have much to lose by a longer strike. They are sitting on mountains of inventory.

"It's good that the strike is over, but now I'm apprehensive," said James Mosley, 55, a Chrysler veteran of 35 years in Kenosha, Wisconsin. "What I want to know is what we got and what we had to give up."

The good news is that Kenosha Chrysler workers can get back to work and start building engines again.

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