Friday, October 19, 2007

Local Governments are managing

Some local governments are managing, even without a state budget-

There's no danger of a local government shutdown, but local governments warn that taxpayers will face higher property taxes and cuts to services without a state budget.

Despite a stalemate in Madison over a biennial budget, many local governments are moving forward on their budgets even as they wait to hear where they stand on state revenue sharing, transportation aid and the property tax assessment ratio.

You would think that budgeting without the extra state revenue would be the smart way to go. Something tells me that the moment a new budget passes on the state level, that many of these local governments would have no problems redoing their budget, if they end up getting more money than they planned for:

"It'd be nice to know for certain, but we just took a conservative approach," said Howard village Administrator Joshua Smith. "We've always been under a self-imposed levy cap not to exceed our new construction growth,"

Why it is some local governments are managing just fine and others are having a hissy fit?

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