Thursday, October 25, 2007

Already calling for more tax increases

The budget has not even been signed into law by the governor and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff is already calling for more tax increases.

Revisit the hospital tax. Democrats gave up about $418 million that would have leveraged another $575 million in federal aid to help pay Medicaid costs, including expanding it to all children. Tellingly, the Wisconsin Hospital Association dropped its opposition, coming to view this tax as the only way to get the first Medicaid rate increase in more than 10 years. The tax should be restored.

Why? Why should the hospital tax be brought back?

The Federal government will not be stuck paying this tax- we will.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association will not be paying this tax- we will.

Aren't health care costs high enough?

MJS also wants the KRM brought back-

Fund the KRM rail line connecting Milwaukee to Kenosha. The proposed increased tax on rental cars in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties is reasonable, but if legislators can find another source, they should. This project is too important to Wisconsin's economic health.

Once again- why?

If there was a true economic benefit to the KRM, there would be no need for a tax increase on anything. In fact, businesses would be clamoring to get to pay for the KRM themselves, so they can financially benefit even more from this project. Nobody wants to pay for it, but everyone wants to financially benefit from it. So they stick it to the taxpayers- the very folks that will receive very little benefit from the KRM.

If you want to get from Kenosha to Milwaukee- you could already use the commuter system we have- it is called a bus.

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