Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who answers for failing students?

Another stunning study came out this week showing that Wisconsin's educational systems are in serious trouble.

The bar for labeling a student proficient in reading and math is set lower in Wisconsin than in almost any other state among 26 in a study released Wednesday.

Hang onto your hats folks, this next piece of information may shock you-

"No matter what one thinks of America's history of state primacy in K-12 education, this study underscores the folly of a big, modern nation, worried about its global competitiveness, nodding with approval as Wisconsin sets its eighth-grade reading passing level at the 14th percentile while South Carolina sets it at the 71st percentile," Chester E. Finn Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli, both of the Fordham Institute, said in a foreword to the study.

This study calls Wisconsin educators to the carpet-

Petrilli said several recent national reports raise questions about what is happening in Wisconsin education.

"Wisconsin is one of the few states that is showing barely any progress over time," he said. "It is just breathtaking to me that the DPI - I would think someone there would say, 'Oh my God, we're hardly making any progress. This is a crisis.' Instead, they want to spin the results to say that everything is just fine."

You can bet Wisconsin is spinning the results. Over and over and over again- excuses are being made about why Wisconsin is so much further behind than the rest of the states.

Whenever Wisconsin is called to the carpet- DPI throws out a bunch of garbage about testing methods. Of course, they did again with this study-

He also said DPI specialists had questions about the methodology of the study.

I don't care how much you may question the methodology, there is at least a 40% gap betwee what Wisconsin educators say is proficient and what the national standards show as proficient.

Check out the graph-

How many of these studies continue to come out before heads start to roll?
When does the Governor, who likes to call himself the "education governor", step in and demand better?
Low standards do not make for good schools in Wisconsin!

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