Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attention Walker campaign: You are not supposed to do that!

In the world of politics, politicians and their campaigns are supposed to be slimy and unethical, not truthful.

It seems the Walker campaign has been just a little too honest when it comes to politics these days.

Instead of lying, covering up, hiding, or spinning the truth, the Walker campaign chose to turn themselves and their campaign into the Government Accountability Board.

It appears that some knothead decided that he would illegally donate to the Walker campaign and dragged a few of his friends into donating to the Walker campaign also.

As soon as the Walker campaign found out about it, they took the unusual step of turning themselves in:

Keith Gilkes, Walker's campaign manager, said one of Gardner's attorneys alerted the campaign Tuesday about the reimbursements and informed Walker's staff that Gardner would report himself to state regulators.

Walker's campaign separately alerted the board to the situation and reimbursed Gardner and seven other railroad company employees a combined $43,800.

Walker's campaign alerted the GAB??? You are not supposed to do that! In our political slimy world; campaigns normally hide these transgressions!

Speaking of political slimy world, what is up with returning the illegal campaign donations????

As we have learned from our illustrious governor, "Diamond" Jim Doyle, there is no need to return illegal campaign contributions.

Once again, Walker campaign... You are not supposed to do that!

The situation prompted Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to return $43,800 in donations on Wednesday.

Attention Walker campaign: You are really really not supposed to do this!

Gilkes disclosed the matter to the Journal Sentinel, saying the campaign wanted to be forthright about what happened.

What?!!!! The Walker campaign contacted the media and told them about this and gave them the headline????!!! Holy cow!

Here in Wisconsin we have become used to slimy unethical politicians, giving all politicians a bad name. Now this?

Careful now Scott Walker....You are right on the verge of giving politicians a good name with your honesty and integrity!

(PS. to those reading this that do not recognize this as sarcasm, please seek professional help)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott Walker on Arizona Immigration Law

Friends of Scott Walker – Post Office Box 100828 – Wauwatosa, WI 53210
Paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, John Hiller, Treasurer

Below please find a statement by Scott Walker provided by the campaign:
“I sympathize with the people of Arizona who are victimized by violence, crime and property damage as a result of illegal immigration. After speaking this morning with the sponsor of the new law in Arizona, State Senator Russell Pearce, I’m satisfied that the amended bill provides adequate protections against racial profiling and discrimination. A police officer may only inquire about the immigration status of persons they have stopped, detained, or arrested for other

In addition, earlier decisions by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals satisfy my concern about any conflicts with the 10th Amendment. If I were Governor of Arizona, I too would sign the Arizona immigration bill.

As Governor of Wisconsin, I will sign legislation that strengthens our protection against illegal immigration and ensures that taxpayer funded benefits like Badger Care and drivers licenses are not available to those who are here illegally.”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scott Walker goes national

Scott Walker is finding big name supporters all around the USA.

Featured on the Drudge Report:

Barack Beware: Republicans see rising star in Wisconsin...

From ABC News: Jeb Bush sees rising star in Wisconsin's Governor Race.

Wisconsin Republicans have yet to nominate a candidate for governor. Indeed, the state's primary is not until Sept. 14. But two national GOP heavyweights -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich -- are bullish on the prospects of Scott Walker, the self-described, brown-bag-packing county executive of Milwaukee.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Broken borders are no laughing matter

Any idiot Democrats who think open borders is a winning issue may want to think again. Currently Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona is one of the most popular governors in the US.

Close the borders NOW!

Hat Tip Hot Air

Democrats cleaning up Wall Street

Whew...Thank goodness the Dems are cleaning up Wall Street. We certainly would not want to their fingerprints all over everything.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Great speech, Mr. President

This past weekend, our President gave a speech to some graduates:

The… way to keep our democracy healthy is to maintain a basic level of civility in our public debate…. we cannot expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down. You can disagree with a certain policy without demonizing the person who espouses it. You can question someone’s views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism. Throwing around phrases like “socialist” and “Soviet-style takeover;” “fascist” and “right-wing nut” may grab headlines, but it also has the effect of comparing our government, or our political opponents, to authoritarian, and even murderous regimes.

Great speech, Mr. President. Too bad is was all a farce. This comes from a man who just called us all "teabaggers" today.

Okay, now it is time to say something

I have kept pretty silent for well over a week now about the Obama administration's response to the oil spill. I know there were several conservatives that began trashing on the administration about a week after the incident. (For example, Rush Limbaugh)

But after seeing the media disgraceful reaction after Katrina and the immediate blaming of President Bush, I did not want to get caught up in jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers. Simply, I wanted to be fair to the Obama administration.

Well, it is now obvious, the federal government did indeed drop the ball on this.

There was a plan in place by the federal government since 1994 that could have contained a great deal of the oil coming out of the pipes. The plan was not only not implemented, but the equipment required for the cleanup was not in place, and their access to the equipment in very limited.

If U.S. officials had followed up on a 1994 response plan for a major Gulf oil spill, it is possible that the spill could have been kept under control and far from land.

The problem: The federal government did not have a single fire boom on hand.

The "In-Situ Burn" plan produced by federal agencies in 1994 calls for responding to a major oil spill in the Gulf with the immediate use of fire booms.

But in order to conduct a successful test burn eight days after the Deepwater Horizon well began releasing massive amounts of oil into the Gulf, officials had to purchase one from a company in Illinois.

When federal officials called, Elastec/American Marine, shipped the only boom it had in stock, Jeff Bohleber, chief financial officer for Elastec, said today.
What is even more disgusting is the lack of attention the media has given to the federal response. I understand they are Obama lovers, but when does the fawnfest stop and real journalism begin?

I also understand that the Obama administration wants to abdicate their responsibilities and point the finger straight at BP. The Obama lovin' media is playing right along. However, the information is finally leaking its way to the surface. Unlike the oil that is gushing to the surface, the media's response to this incident is even slower than the Obama administration's response.


Gouguet speculated that burning could have captured 95 percent of the oil as it spilled from the well.
Now we are in a position to scramble to borrow equipment from other countries.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Go get 'em Bill!

Former Kenosha County Republican stalwart is running for Congress. He is in a primary in a few days on May 4th.

We are so proud of you, Bill. We miss you, and are so inspired by your dedication to conservative principles. You are the tea party candidate and the true conservative in this race.

We know it will be tough. We are praying for you and support you 100%!

Visit Bill's website and consider a donation to his campaign.