Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attention Walker campaign: You are not supposed to do that!

In the world of politics, politicians and their campaigns are supposed to be slimy and unethical, not truthful.

It seems the Walker campaign has been just a little too honest when it comes to politics these days.

Instead of lying, covering up, hiding, or spinning the truth, the Walker campaign chose to turn themselves and their campaign into the Government Accountability Board.

It appears that some knothead decided that he would illegally donate to the Walker campaign and dragged a few of his friends into donating to the Walker campaign also.

As soon as the Walker campaign found out about it, they took the unusual step of turning themselves in:

Keith Gilkes, Walker's campaign manager, said one of Gardner's attorneys alerted the campaign Tuesday about the reimbursements and informed Walker's staff that Gardner would report himself to state regulators.

Walker's campaign separately alerted the board to the situation and reimbursed Gardner and seven other railroad company employees a combined $43,800.

Walker's campaign alerted the GAB??? You are not supposed to do that! In our political slimy world; campaigns normally hide these transgressions!

Speaking of political slimy world, what is up with returning the illegal campaign donations????

As we have learned from our illustrious governor, "Diamond" Jim Doyle, there is no need to return illegal campaign contributions.

Once again, Walker campaign... You are not supposed to do that!

The situation prompted Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to return $43,800 in donations on Wednesday.

Attention Walker campaign: You are really really not supposed to do this!

Gilkes disclosed the matter to the Journal Sentinel, saying the campaign wanted to be forthright about what happened.

What?!!!! The Walker campaign contacted the media and told them about this and gave them the headline????!!! Holy cow!

Here in Wisconsin we have become used to slimy unethical politicians, giving all politicians a bad name. Now this?

Careful now Scott Walker....You are right on the verge of giving politicians a good name with your honesty and integrity!

(PS. to those reading this that do not recognize this as sarcasm, please seek professional help)

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