Friday, October 12, 2007

Still millions upon millions of dollars of tax increases

The Governor releases this yesterday as a pre-cursor to his new budget proposal.

Here is a comparison between the Governor's new budget versus the Assembly and Senate budgets. (H/T WisPolitics Budget Blog)

You will note in page after page after page, that the Governor has chosen the Senate's version of the budget of massive tax increases.

After viewing this document, it is very clear that there are still many items that had not yet been debated during the budget negotiations. For weeks, the Governor stated that a budget compromise was close at hand. After looking at this document- it is very clear, many of these items had not yet been addressed. The idea that a budget compromise was close at hand, is complete farse.

You will also note in this document, that Wisconsin business, Wisconsin senior citizens and Wisconsin taxpayers are under attack by the Governor.

Still included in this budget are massive tax increases on business, senior citizens and taxpayers.

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