Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign presents "Healthy Wisconsin"!

Yesterday, I read an article by Christian Schnieder that was partially on the hypocrisy of Mike McCabe at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Christian states:

In fact, the most galling part of the entire charade comes back to McCabe himself. For years, McCabe has decried the influence of special interests on the legislative process. During the budget, he has traveled the state at trumped-up “public hearings” to push for the universal health care plan in the Senate Democrats’ budget. In fact, these hearings were sponsored by a group that may have broken the law in coordinating their advocacy with state lawmakers. Then he has the nerve to suggest that the budget was being held up by corruption? When his special interest (which doesn’t disclose its donors) was out pushing for the single biggest item holding up the whole budget process? And he’s complaining about the influence of special interests in delaying the budget? It’s beyond preposterous.

I pretty much left the subject alone until I received an email from the WDC. After reading the email, now it is time to call Mike McCabe and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign hypocrites and partisan hacks.

The title of the email is "Theater of the absurd". As shown by Christian, WDC was actually part of the theater known as Healthy Wisconsin.

Makes you wonder how Mike McCabe can make the following statement in the email I received today-

The Democracy Campaign's director told WISC-TV "the most powerful thing that we could do is ban campaign fundraising during the budget process because I guarantee you, if they couldn't raise campaign money right now, they'd have a budget done." The Capital Times came to the same conclusion in a recent editorial.

Now I call this hypocrisy absurd!

Mike McCabe and the WCD are preaching at people even as they travel the state creating their own theater that held up the budget for way too long.

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