Sunday, October 21, 2007

Democrat backing off his agreement on budget

Kenosha's very own state Representative Jim Kreuser appears to be attempting to back away from the budget deal.

Kreuser is upset that the KRM did not make it into the budget.

Rumor has it, Kreuser plans on re-introducing the KRM to the budget on Monday.

I am pretty certain I saw our legislative leaders shaking hands and smiling on Friday, including Kreuser. What did it take- less than 24 hours, and already Kreuser is attempting to back away?

What say you-Kreuser?

Are you a man of your word?

Does a handshake mean anything to you?

Are you planning on keeping your word or are you going to act like the typical political weasel and go back on your word?

Call, write and email State Rep. Jim Kreuser and tell him to be a man of his word-

Madison OfficeRoom
201 WestState
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708

Telephone(608) 266-5504 Or(888) 534-0064
Fax(608) 282-3664

Can you imagine the outrage if Huebsch floated the idea of backing away from the cigarette tax?

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