Monday, October 15, 2007

You mean Assembly Republicans have a good idea?

For months and months we have been debating health care here in Wisconsin and finally someone noticed that the Assembly Republicans might have a good idea. Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Encouraging people to shop for health care based on price and quality is one of the cornerstones of what is called consumer-driven health care - the idea that market forces can make the health care system more efficient. The expectation is that increasing competition will spur hospitals and doctors to improve quality and control costs.

President Bush and most of the Republican presidential candidates back this approach to health care reform. It also underlies the health care reforms proposed by the Wisconsin Assembly.

Well, I'll be jiggered, the Republicans do have a plan when it comes to health care costs.

If you listened to the media, especially here in Wisconsin over the last several months, you would not think that the Republicans even cared about health care costs.

The idea is so simple. It is a proven method that works.

When consumers have an opportunity to comparison shop, this forces the markets to be competitive.
America has been a consumer driven market that forces competition since our birth as a nation.

However, when it comes to health care, we have taken the consumer out of the process and all that is left are the doctors, hospitals and the insurance companies. All of these folks are banking off of the American consumer.

And we wonder why our health care costs are so high????

The Democrats answer to high health care costs-
Government run health care!

Just turn your troubles over to the government, they will take care of you.(maybe)
Clearly, some of these Democrats have no clue what an actual free market system is:

State Senator Russ Decker:
We have a health care system that the free market created right now and it is failing us.

No, Senator Decker- you are the one failing the American people. You and politicians just like yourself, have cut the consumer out of the process.

In every other marketplace in America, we, as consumers, have the ability to find out how much a product costs before we actually make a decisions on which product to purchase.

Not with health care- we have no choices.

Have you ever gone to the doctors office and sign a on the bottom line that you would pay, even if your insurance company did not. You are actually signing something and you have no idea what the costs will be. These folks can charge whatever they chose, the insurance companies can choose to pay or not pay whatever they like. However you and I do not have the choice.

It is time to fix this problem and open up the health care marketplace. Health care costs will continue to skyrocket as long as we, the consumer, are not given the information necessary to make a informed decision.

I have heard the arguments that our insurance companies force us to go to one place or another, but that argument does not hold water.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually bring some exposure to the insurance companies also. Why not?

Why should we not know exactly how much our insurance companies are paying to the doctors and hospitals?

It is time to expose the health care systems. I think many would be shocked to note that the problem is not the doctors and nurses providing the health care, the problem goes well beyond them.

As a nation, we are finally bringing corporate corruption and greed to the front pages of America's newspapers.

I am willing to bet, that corruption and greed is running rampant through out our health care system.

It is time to bring some light to our health care systems and stop the runaway costs in health care.

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