Friday, October 12, 2007

AMT: The Democrats get it wrong

The Democrats continue to answer the following question wrong:

Do the people work for the government or does the government work for the people?

When it comes to the Alternative Minimum Tax, the Democrats are once again saying that the people work for the government. At issue is $841 billion in taxes that would be eliminated if the Alternative Minimum Tax is finally waved.

So the Democrats are currently devising a plan to raise taxes to replace the $841 billion is lost revenue.

Clearly, the Democrats believe the money is their money and the taxpayers need to replace it.

Dems are upset because Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate the AMT does not include a plan to find a new source of revenue for the $841 billion.

From the MJS-

The Ryan plan pointedly provides nothing to replace the estimated $840 billion in tax revenue that would be lost over 10 years with the abolition of the AMT, as it's known.

House Democrats are expected to offer a plan soon that also would abolish the unpopular AMT, but offset such a move by raising other taxes.

Uh, here is a thought- how about reducing spending instead of finding new ways to tax the people?

Apparently, this thought does not cross the minds of the Democrats.

Don't tell me it cannot be done. Currently, legislators are adding billions in pork to next year's budget.

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