Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wisconsin Patient's Compensation Fund

A very reliable little birdie told me that the Wisconsin Patient's Compensation Fund folks were willing to give up a boatload of cash in a transfer to our state government.

Most conservatives were fighting to keep the money in the fund. The general thinking has been that the Republicans caved on this issue. Turns out, those heading the PCF were not as interested in keeping the fund intact and they were offering it up.

So the idea that the PCF will sue the state to protect their money is probably a loser of an issue. Looks like the PCF folks were trying to get in the good graces of the governor.

If the PCF sues, they would likely lose the lawsuit.

I am emailing a few folks in the MSM to see if we can get verification that the PCF was offering up $100 million in funds.

Stay tuned...

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