Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Budget: The media got exactly what they demanded

The Milwaukee Journal is surprised???

This is the budget they demanded, over and over and over again.

Yet, they are surprised???

Over and over again, they gave Wisconsinites the impression that we did not have a budget, with statements just like the one in this article:

Wisconsin is the only state operating without a current budget.

The MJS and the rest of the media continued with their "the budget is late, the budget is late" mantra for months. They pointed the finger at Huebsch and the Assembly Republicans over and over again as the reason for a late budget.

The MJS and the media demanded more and more money from state taxpayers, for Milwaukee initiatives. They demanded the money and they demanded it now.

They supported Healthy Wisconsin, a gas tax, pork projects for Milwaukee, and a hospital tax.

They chased Governor Doyle around the state as the governor threatened to shut down the University of Wisconsin and fling open the doors of the prisons.

Over and over again the media supported Governor Doyle and harassed Mark Green.

Now they are surprised!

Well, duh!

Now they are totally surprised that they will have to pay an extra $20 to register their cars.

Double duh!

They demanded a budget and they demanded it now. They had Wisconsinites demanding a budget and demanding it now.

The media created panic with their "we have no budget" mantra. Across the board, media outlets told us services will be cut across they state.

99% of what is in the budget was introduced by Governor Doyle back in February, supported by the Joint Finance Committee and then more taxes and more fees were added by the Senate Democrats.

They shredded the budget of the Assembly Republicans. The cuts were too deep, they said!

They shredded anybody and everybody that dare stand in the way of a budget. They made a point of telling Wisconsinites that the Assembly Republicans were threatening to pass no budget at all.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Now they are surprised?????

I am surprised the media is so stupid.

Don't you think maybe the folks in the media should have been telling taxpayers that the late budget was chock full of tax and fee increases?

If the Assembly Republicans had just blindly passed the budget as the media and the Democrats demanded- there would have been another $17,000,000,000 in tax increases.

Well, surprise, surprise, folks- you got the government you voted for!

Surprise, surprise, folks- you got those tax and fee increases you were warned about during last year elections.

Surprise, surprise, folks- you elected a Governor and some Senate Democrats who lied and lied during last year's elections.

Perhaps common sense will prevail in next year's elections. It certainly did not during the 2006 elections.

PS- even today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is wailing about cuts to fire and police. Surprise, Surprise!

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