Sunday, October 14, 2007

Governor Doyle porking it up

Governor Doyle is attempting to buy votes in order to pass his second budget.

Gov. Jim Doyle's second budget includes a few regional favors added to tempt enough Republicans into votes that would help it squeeze through the Assembly on Monday.

It is called pork-

• $7 million for the reopened paper mill in Park Falls, the largest community in the district of Republican Rep. Mary Williams of Medford.

• A $4 million soybean crusher in the district of Republican Rep. Brett Davis of Oregon, who holds a seat long coveted by Democrats.

• A new Juneau County Circuit Court judgeship that Republican Rep. Sheryl Albers of Reedsburg has been fighting to have authorized for years.

• Full funding of a 2005 law that would waive university and college tuition for veterans - a law that Republican Rep. Terry Musser of Black River Falls, chairman of the Assembly Veterans Committee, helped pass.

• Biofuels funding, which is a top priority of Republican Rep. Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls.

This is all a perfect example of what taxpayers have come to hate about our government.

Every taxpayer in Wisconsin could by punished for a soy bean crusher.

That's right! A $4 million soy bean crusher could cost taxpayers in the rest of the state $1 billion!

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