Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MJS identifies precisely what is wrong with Healthy Wisconsin

Once again, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial board is pushing Healthy Wisconsin.

Whether they admit it or not, MJS inadvertently identified two very huge problems with universal health care and Healthy Wisconsin, in particular.

Let's start with this statement-

Rather than fearing more government involvement, as most state Republicans regrettably do, the committee plan, like Healthy Wisconsin, would lead to more involvement, which makes the most sense for everyone.

Ask any average person, whether Republican or Democrat, who they want making health care decisions on their behalf. Many times, these are life and death decisions.

Many folks would probably say they want to make their own decisions, perhaps they would include their doctor and some may even include their family.

Who would you want making these decisions?

Your state senator? NOPE!

Your assembly rep? NOPE!

Governor Doyle? Absolutely, NOPE!

An unelected state board? NOPE!

An elected state board? NOPE!

The State's Health and Human services? NOPE!

Federal Health and Human services? NOPE!

Your mayor? NOPE!

Your alderman? NOPE!

Your employer? NOPE!

Your congressman? The President? Your US Senator? Your neighbor? Your teacher? Your lawyer? and on and on


I could go on for days listing the people that I do not want making life and death decisions on my behalf. Most Americans could.

In fact, most Americans would probably tell you that they do not want their insurance companies making their health care decisions for them either.

Insurance companies are part of America's health care crisis. Insurance companies want to make money. They are a business and that is what they do. My health care is secondary to them.

This brings me to the second statement made in the MJS editorial that should be alarming to every single American citizen. They quoted the Committee on Economic Development:

In the committee's words: "Insurers can make more money by avoiding enrolling sick persons than by finding better ways to treat them."


Insurers are supposed to be insuring people, NOT TREATING PEOPLE!

Insurers are supposed to be in the insurance business, not the health care business.

Part of our problems with health care in this country is that insurers believe that they should be providing health care. They are making life and death decisions based on their bottom line, instead of what is best for the patient.

In fact, insurance companies now go so far as to call themselves "health care providers".

They don't provide me with health care, I provide myself with health care. My doctor provides me with health care choices- my insurance company does not.

Can you imagine if your car insurance company started calling themselves your "transportation provider"?

Good grief!

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff for pointing out providing us with further proof as to why we should never ever let our government have control of our own personal health care choices.

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