Monday, October 01, 2007

Is this such a good idea?

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted the incredible amount of money being spent on overtime. It is a ton of money.

However, I am not so sure this is a good idea for the MJS to post. MJS has created a searchable database exposing the salaries of every single city employee in Milwaukee, complete with their name, job title, salaries and overtime pay.

We are not talking only about the police department on this, we are every single employee of the city of Milwaukee.

MJS quote-
Search to find what more than 7,400 city of Milwaukee employees received in annual pay as well as overtime and compensatory pay in 2006.

This information is a matter of open public records. However, it is normally a little more difficult to find this information out- you have to want to know the info. Now anyone can easily access this info.

Can you imagine the talk around the city water coolers today?

Did you see so and so made such and such amount of money? Can you believe they pay her that much?

Can you imagine jilted ex-wives and ex-husbands having easy access to this info?

Oh boy!

As I said, things could get awful interesting around the water coolers today.

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