Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Robson out, Decker in

Yep- the Senate Dems are not happy and they muscled her out of the Senate leadership. Apparently, $760 Million in tax and fee increases are not nearly enough.

Then they promptly voted Sen. Decker into office. Decker, the super tax increase lib, had this to say-

Decker also said that he would "hopefully" have gotten a better deal for Democrats had he been leader, as well, adding he would have held out longer for the hospital assessment, oil assessment and combined reporting.

As if that was not enough, he then proceeded to behave like a teenager-

Asked whether he should be regarded as bringing more "muscle" to the Senate Dems, Decker did his impersonation of Saturday Night Live characters "Hans and Franz."

Hey Dems, this is your leader- how proud are you?

Decker is also the same Senator that supported a $15.2 billion payroll tax on Wisconsinites for government controlled health care.

In fact, can anyone think of a single tax increase, off the top of their head, that Decker has not supported?

Nothing comes to me.

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