Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deaf, Blind and Stupid

After reading today’s leading story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I am convinced that our government at state and local levels, and even some in the mainstream media, believes that every person in the state is deaf, blind and stupid.

If they did not believe that we are all deaf, blind and stupid, then they would not continue to push taxes, in one of the highest taxed states in the nation, to an even higher level.

Today’s leading headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states-

MPS wants to increase property tax levy by 16.4%

Here is where the stupid part comes into play.

This headline if false. The truth is, MPS wants to increase the property tax levy by 21.2%. Any person paying property taxes in the city of Milwaukee last year realizes that the city government made a mistake. They did not send you the correct information when they sent out the property tax bills. MPS had approved a larger tax increase than the tax increase that they actually billed.

Because they shorted themselves last year on a property tax increase, the government would have you believe that taxes are only going up by 16.4% instead of the reality, which is 21.2%.

The government must think folks are stupid enough not to look at the bottom line. The reality is the difference between what was paid last year in property taxes and what is being proposed this year for MPS shows a 21.2% school property tax increase. That is the bottom line.

For the government and the mainstream media to try and force this falsehood down people’s throats means that they are attempting to deceive the people of Milwaukee or they are attempting to deceive people or they just really believe that we are all stupid.

Yes, our government believes that we are blind also.

Have you ever driven by some road construction and wondered to yourself- “Didn’t they just repair this road last year?” Goodness, if they had done it right the first time, perhaps they would not need to be back this year.

Have you ever stood in line at the DMV, just as you did the year before, and wondered how it is possible for the lines to be moving slower this year than they were last year?

We are not blind. Everywhere we look, we are slapped in the face by our government’s incompetence. We watch our hard earned money used to fund the same failing school systems. The more money we pump into our schools, like MPS, the worse our schools get. We watch our schools consistently produce low-test scores, increases in drop out rates, lower graduation rates and higher and higher taxes.

We are pumping millions upon millions more tax dollars into our schools ever single year and they are getting worse. When we question the DPI, local school boards and teacher’s unions on these failures, they can produce nothing but excuses for the taxpayers and parents.

Other than our taxes continuing to rise and rise the only kind of movement we see going up is the amount of excuses our leaders can come up with on why Wisconsin is failing.

Lastly- we are not deaf. Repeatedly, Governor Doyle and his liberal friends claimed that they really are fiscal conservatives. We hear that it is not possible to cut any more out of the budget.

We heard our governor stand up in front of the entire state of Wisconsin and claim- “We should not, we must not and I will NOT raise taxes!”

We are not deaf, Governor Doyle. We heard you say this.

Governor Doyle- you lied!

Of course, even as I attempt to make the argument that we are not deaf, blind and stupid, it interests me to note that we voted for these idiots.

We voted for these money guzzling, incompetent and unethical leaders in our state.

Even though we knew that Democrats are incapable of running a fiscally conservative government, as history has already shown, Wisconsinites voted for these people. We also know that Democrats are incapable of running a government without raising taxes. Democrats just do not believe that it can be done.

Perhaps our government and the media is correct. Maybe we are deaf, blind and stupid because we continue to vote for these people.

Are you sick of the tax increase yet?

Hide your wallet folks! Our government is just getting warmed up.

Few municipalities and county officials have decided on a final tax increase proposal for this year. Tech schools still have their increases to add to our taxes this year.

Who voted for these goofs running our state and local governments?

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