Monday, February 18, 2008

The crazy things people say...

Seriously, I am not sure what is worse, Kenosha's massive tax burden or the defenders of the Kenosha trolley.

In a post that is 6 months old, the attackers continue. If you follow the link to the homepage, you find this.

They have attacked me before and I am certain they will attack me again.

Posted just yesterday:

This complainer, the wanna-be alderman Kathy Carpenter, is very suspect. Recently she moved into a leased Kenosha rental unit within the 5th District in order to legally run, but her official base is in the village of Silver Lake. The registered campaign address for Carpenter is still 706 School Street, Silver Lake, Wisconsin 53170. Kathy Carpenter makes wild and inaccurate statements on city finances and attacks our popular HarborPark tourist attractions that were planned over a decade ago in numerous meetings she never attended, just like the armchair quarterbacks Pat Moran and Scott Barter.

This statement is a blatantly false.

Any person that knows me knows that I have lived in the same place for almost 10 years.

Obviously, if I had registered my campaign under the above address, the city of Kenosha would not allow me to run. So why in heaven's name would these guys assume my "REGISTERED" campaign address is in Silver Lake????

A little investigative work on the part of these folks would turn up the fact that I actually supported the work done in Harbor Park. Kenosha's biggest asset is Lake Michigan and those visiting it. Anyone visiting that area knows that the old AMC plant was a eye sore and reduced property values in an area that should have been our most prized possession.

A little more investigative work would have turned up that Pat Moran was the person to actually start the plans and development for HarborPark.

None of this stuff is secret information, so I am a little curious how these folks continue to be so wrong.

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