Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A whole lot of nervous...

Yes- I am nervous today.

Both of my opponents have the name recognition that I do not.

I knew going in this was an uphill battle.

Still, it is a battle worth fighting for.

Kenosha has been controlled by the same people for many years.

I feel I have done what I can do.

I have hiked thru rain, snow, sleet, ice and subzero temperatures to knock on doors. In fact, we faced most of that this past weekend alone.

I have yard signs out there, flyers out there, created a website and I have talked to a number of people.

We will see if 6 weeks is enough time to build some name recognition.

I just don't know.

Take a little time today and say a prayer for myself and my opponents. It will be nervous day for all of us today.

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