Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama: Is American ready for this dangerous leftwinger?

From the other side of the pond, there are folks sounding alarm bells at the dangers of European style leftism.

Will we listen and learn from them?

Just like Beatlemania, Europe is the center of another cult, known as extreme leftism. As it moves it's way across the pond, it is showing it's impact on America in the form of Obamamania.

Like Beatlemania, Obamamana is complete with swooning masses, fainting girls and swaying crowds repeating the empty lyrical words they hear from the stage. "Yes, we can" they sing.

The difference between Beatlemania and Obamamania, is that the extreme leftism coming from Europe is dangerous. Beatlemania was not so dangerous.

In Europe, they have willing given up their personal freedoms to their governments. They stand is massively jammed health care systems waiting to get their government sponsored health care. They are even more jammed into an unemployment system, where there are few jobs and a lot of hunger mouths to feed.

During the '90s, the height of liberalism in Europe, unemployment rates reached staggering figures. Even as high as 18% unemployment in Spain in 1995.

Over the last several years, real changes have been taking place in Europe. They have slowly tossed aside the extreme liberal mentality and begun to embrace a more conservative agenda.

With horrifying unemployment rates in 2003(about 15%), Germany began to deregulate businesses. In loosening the noose they had tightened around German businesses, unemployment rates are beginning to plummet to about 8% right now.

Early in this new century, the UK with Tony Blair as their leader, began once again to rise to the military power it once was. Sure he was called a war monger, but is their any doubt that Great Britian can and will defend their country when forced to do so?

In 2005, Germany elected a conservative woman in Angela Merkel, that proceeded to move the country back to the right, leaving the liberals in Germany staggering.

In 2007, France also elected a more conservative leader in Nicholas Sarkozy.

So even as Europe has learned their lessons from their trek into the extreme world of liberalism, the Democrats in the US are bound and determined to walk that same path that almost destroyed Europe.

The Democrats in the US are being controlled by the extreme liberal wing of their party that is lead by Senator Barack Obama.

Senator Barack Obama has already agreed to punish successful businesses in America for doing business overseas.

Senator Obama has already promised to squeeze the life out of the rich in ridiculous taxes. Apparently, he is trying to force everyone to the bottom of the pay scale.

Common sense tells us that if you squeeze a tube of toothpaste from the top, the toothpaste is forced to the bottom of the tube.

Senator Obama wants to do nothing more than squeeze the top earners in America forcing them to join the rest of us at the bottom of the tube.

Senator Obama wants to create a universal health care plan. Probably one of the biggest failures of Europe has been universal health care. The quality of care in these nations have plummeted.

A study in 2002 had this to say-

In practice, pursuit of formal equality in the United Kingdom has meant that the poorest people ended up receiving a lower standard than was normal in mainland Europe.

The extreme left and Senator Obama have abandoned all common sense and instead are standing around singing catchy tunes like "Yes, we can!", instead of facing the real issues our country is burdened with.

Oddly enough, the liberals have seen the damage done to these European countries by high taxes, stringent government regulations and the throttling of basic rights to freedom, and still the liberals continue to run as fast as they can to embrace these failures.

One of the worst failed presidencies in American history was the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Staggering unemployment, horrifying inflation, and military embarrassment ruled the day in President Carter's days in office.

If elected president, Senator Barack Obama appears to want to challenge President Carter's name at the bottom of the list of worst Presidents.

Staggering unemployment, horrifying inflation, and military embarrassment are awaiting us with a Barack Obama presidency.

Every single proposal by Senator Obama has already proven to be a failure. What makes anyone think he could make any of this a success? Great speeches will not fix these failures.

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