Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Had enough?

Okay, I know that I am not the only one. Most of Wisconsin and Illinois are snow weary.

Today's travel to work was treacherous.

I am beginning to wonder if Kenosha and the surrounding areas are out of salt. We are still driving on the mess from last week. We never really cleaned up from that. Yesterday morning's travel was sheer ice.

This morning's travel was sheer ice with snow on top of it.

Since smacking a pothole late last week in Illinois, my car is really not handling this stuff at all. I ended up bending a rim. I replaced that rim with another older rim that I had that was bent a few years ago. They kind of pounded the older rim back into shape and I put an old tire on it and use it as a spare.

Little did I know that another year, another pot hole in Illinois would get me again.

When I changed to the alternate rim on Friday, it was on a front tire. The older rim wobbled really badly.

I kept calling the older tire and rim, that I am using, my John McCain tire. The darn thing kept yanking me hard to the left.

I traveled past my buddies at Merlin's on Hwy 50 and they moved that tire and rim from the front to the back of my car. It is now a little safer, but still wobbles.

These last several days have been a nightmare attempting to drive in this weather with a bent rim and old tire. I have been sliding all over the place.

So basically, the roads are a snow covered sheet of ice, I have a bad rim and tire and there appears to be a shortage of steel rims for my car out there.

This stuff needs to end now.

PS. Don't drive in the middle lane- too many potholes, both in Illinois and Wisconsin. When the roads are dark and snow covered- you cannot even see them. Things seem to be worse in the middle lane.

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