Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just to be clear

Although I appreciate the calls and emails of condolences, I am still in this race and I believe that all signs point towards changing Kenosha's future.

The top two vote getters move on to the general election:

Alderperson District 5

11 Polls Reporting out of 11
1824 Total Votes
With 100% of the Vote Reported

Kurt A. Sinclair81644.73
Kathy Carpenter57131.3
JoEllyn M. Storz42923.51
Write-in 4080.43

Behind the numbers:

If you look, clearly you can see that between the votes that I received and the votes the Ms. Storz received there are plenty of people out there ready for a clean start in Kenosha.

In fact, through out Kenosha, with 15 of 17 alderman's seats being challenged. This is a record for Kenosha. At no time in Kenosha's history have this many seats been challenged.

I started knocking on doors again last night. I aim to find every single one of those voters looking for a clean start in Kenosha

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