Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anybody need a museum?

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Someone brought this to my attention the other day.

Did you know that we have as many museums in Kenosha as they have in Milwaukee?

Now, I love museums. I love the history of Kenosha.

But four museums?????

Kenosha Public Museum

Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Kenosha Historical Society and Museum

And now...

Kenosha Civil War Museum

Of course, my absolute favorite museum was the Kenosha Military Museum. This museum does not really exist anymore, at least not in Kenosha county. Pleasant Prairie used their eminent domain powers to run this guy out of the state.

Our tax dollars subsidize these museums. We pay for these things. (we did not pay for the Military museum- that was private)

Somehow we cannot get the potholes or the roads fixed in our neighborhoods, but we managed to come up with another $10 million to build another museum.(Civil War museum, opening in March)

I about fell off my chair when I read this statement on the Historical Society's webpage-

The Kenosha History Center is the headquarters of Kenosha County Historical Society, a non-profit organization served by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by memberships, Kenosha County government and private donations.

That's right folks, these guys think that the Kenosha County government actually has money. They have nothing except for what the people give them.
Taxpayers, the people, of Kenosha County pay for this museum, NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

Now I am not suggesting that we get rid of the museum.

I am suggesting that we take care of the needs of the Kenosha community before we build another museum.

I also believe that these museums need to be solely financed by private donations. Don't tell me it cannot be done because I do not believe it.

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