Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Simply brilliant, Kenosha Unified

It is kind of scary that these are the same folks who are in charge of educating Kenosha's kids, but Kenosha Unified decided to stay open today.

I had actually taken the day off of work because I was planning on politicking today. Obviously, that did not happen.

I needed some butter and milk from the corner grocery store, so I walked the three blocks. My car is plowed in. Trudging in snow up to my knees was fun.

As I am huffing it past Bradford HS, it was interesting watching them try and push a school bus that is currently stuck in the parking lot. About 5 guys were trying to push it. Wasn't working out too well for them. Worse yet, a couple of cars are trapped in the student parking lot because the bus could not move. It appears as if a couple of kids were trapped at school with the bus. There parents must be thrilled along with the bus driver.

People are stuck in parking lots and have slid off the roads all over Kenosha.

If you read the comment section of this post, you will see that SW Side was working to help a bus for severely disabled students that was also trapped.

I talked to a couple of my neighbors this morning that were furious the schools were open. Many of them refused to send their children to school this morning. Others went ahead and put their kids on the bus anyway, thinking this would clear up soon. It didn't.

I just spoke to my neighbor who has a son that went to school today. Oh boy, the curse words coming out of her mouth were something else. I am not sure if the KUSD has been called so many bad names all in one sentence before. She picked her son up at 11:30 and it took until 1:00 before she got home. The school is not even 2 miles away. She said parents were stuck in parking lots, teachers were stuck.

What a mess!

Frequent commenter, RAG, may have discovered why schools were open in Kenosha. Check out his blog.

To the Kenosha Unified Administrators, this is perhaps one of the most dangerous decisions you have ever made. You endangered students, teachers, office personnel, bus drivers, parents and ever other person out on the roads today.

Here are a few choice comments from parents, students and teachers after being forced to go to school today. Click on the Kenosha News link.

Kenosha News

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