Monday, February 11, 2008

I am AFP!

I spent part of my day on Saturday defending the American dream and I am a better person for it.

If you were looking for inspiration to continue to fight government overspending, big government, earmarks and waste, you found that inspiration on Saturday.

The lineup of morning speakers was impressive. I really liked them all.

I was especially impressed with the Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore. To a numbers geek like I am, it was great to see another numbers geek who was funny, entertaining and inspirational.

As I said, they were all good, but if I speak about all of them, then this article would end up being too long.

We move on to the lunch time speakers.

Scott Walker was his usual wonderful self. We know that he is in for a battle in Milwaukee County. Is there any doubt that the man is up for the challenge? We are ready to stand and fight with him.

Now we get to talk about one of my most favorite people in the world. My congressman Paul Ryan. AFP members got to see what I have been able to watch for years. Congressman Paul Ryan is young, energetic, hard working, unyielding and conservative. Fighting for earmark reform and against an out of control liberally spending congress is a daily battle for the congressman. Congressman Ryan never gives up the fight and remains a true conservative through it all.

As a smiling Congressman Ryan addressed the pumped up AFP crowd, most are completely unaware of the continuous whithering attacks the Congressman suffers on a daily basis. Day after day the liberals in Congress and in Wisconsin's first district are flat out vicious.

The more vicious the liberal attackers get, the stronger and more stoic our Congressman gets.

Vicki McKenna. What can be said about her that has not already been said? She is funny, entertaining and a fighter. She gets it. The woman has lived on both sides of the aisle and she has got it figured out. Vicki McKenna has found a better(right) way to live and she is determined to tell others about it. She has made it her life's work to continually point out that government works for the people, not the other way around. Thank you, Vicki!

I saved the best for last.

My favorite speaker of the entire day was State Representative Leah Vukmir.

As a conservative woman in the crowd, I paid very close attention to what Rep. Vukmir had to say. Standing in front of us on Saturday was a conservative woman that has taken a strong dignified stand against the liberals power grab known as Healthy Wisconsin.

Clearly Rep. Vukmir understands that the moment we cave into Healthy Wisconsin, we all will be giving up a huge chunk of our freedom to the state government. There is no more important battle taking place in Wisconsin or in Kenosha right now than the fight against government control of our health care. Letting government control our very lives in no answer to expensive and ever rising health care costs.

Probably the reason the State Representative Leah Vukmir was my favorite speaker is because she is a woman and a conservative. Rep. Vukmir may not recognize it, but she has become a role model for every single conservative woman in the state.

Artfully, Rep. Vukmir has found a way of digging in her high heels and with class and dignity continues to make her case against government controlled health care. More than that, she continues to offer an alternate to rising health care costs. She believes that when control of our health care is back in consumer's hands, that is when health care costs will go down. It is called consumerism, competition and real American freedom. When we finally embrace these ideas, that is when we will finally win this battle against rising health care costs.

The conservative women in the crowd stood and clapped a little louder and little longer when Rep. Vukmir received her award. She deserved it.

We spend so much of our time complaining about the problems in Washington and Madison that we completely overlook those that are doing the job that we sent them there to do.

Unfortunately, I could not stay for the rest of days events. Some of us are running in a primary election and had some doors to knock on.

Thank you to Mark Block and Americans for Prosperity. You gave us a joyful and inspirational day to continue to build on.

The movement to stop earmarks, growing government and wasteful spending is alive, loud, strong, spirited and inspired.

I am AFP!

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