Thursday, February 14, 2008

My choices for President

Okay, this February 19th could be a lot of fun.

Here are my choices for President:

Huckabee and Paul: Neither has a chance at winning the nomination, so I will not be voting for either of them.

Senator John McCain: He does not really need my vote at this time, so perhaps I should move to the Democratic side.

Senator Barack Obama: I could vote for Senator Obama and actually help the Democrats nominate the most inexperienced and under qualified candidate in the history of this country. I would compare Obama to President Carter, but even the former President had written a budget before when he was Governor of Georgia.

All we really know is that Obama was "present" for over 100 votes in the Illinois state senate. We also know that "yes, we can!" What "can " we really do? Who knows? Obama won't divulge that secret.

Senator Hillary Clinton: I could vote for her just to cast another vote against our illustrious governor who is such a Obama backer. If Senator Clinton wins Wisconsin, and that is a really big "if", she can look to the Republican side of the aisle. They may actually carry her over the top.

Who knows? I have not decided yet, but this could be really fun.

PS. I will be voting for myself on February 19th for alderman, so at least I get one vote.

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