Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cheating Patriots?

The cat is finally out of the bag. The Patriots had been taping since 2000, when Belichick took over as head coach.

Bill Belichick has been illegally taping opponents' defensive signals since he became the New England Patriots' coach in 2000, according to Sen. Arlen Specter, who said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told him that during a meeting Wednesday.

"There was confirmation that there has been taping since 2000, when Coach Belichick took over," Specter said.

There are a lot of teams that have every right to be angry.

The frustrating thing is that this is the most successful era the Patriots have had in their history. Now we know why.

Think Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever?

Not when your team is stealing defensive signals from the other teams. Kind of puts a damper on his success.

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