Monday, February 25, 2008

Congress is dragging their heels again

The Senate managed to get their act together and come up with a bi-partisan piece of legislation that would once again fix our outdated FISA policies, but now Speaker Nancy Pelosi is dragging her heels.


I don't know. Because she can, I guess.

It is time for the people that control Congress to grow up.

From the desk of Congressman Paul Ryan-

“I am extremely disappointed that the House Democratic leadership has chosen to allow the Protect America Act to expire rather than take the necessary steps to safeguard America. This legislation offers a badly needed modernization of FISA, and without it, the ability of our intelligence community to gather information will be significantly weakened. It is an inexcusable choice that could have disastrous consequences. By refusing to allow a vote, Speaker Pelosi is ignoring the will of Congress. It seems plain to me that, at the very least, our national security is far too important to allow politics to circumvent good policy,” Ryan said.

“Earlier this week, the Senate passed a bipartisan update to FISA that contains critical tools that protect our national security and help keep us safe at home. I believe that my colleagues in the House are capable of the same spirit of cooperation. It is absolutely essential that we update FISA for the long-term because, plain and simple, the jihadists will not rest. We must utilize each tool at our disposal to combat them at every turn, and match their resolve with equal measure.”
This is about the safety of Americans and protecting ourselves from the terrorists that want to kill us.

Grow up, Speaker Pelosi! Do your job!

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