Monday, February 25, 2008

No More Tax Increases!!!

The Democrats that control our state may be able to snooker the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opinion editors, but they cannot snooker me.

How many times have we heard these types of statements before:

It is not really a tax increase; in the long run it will be cheaper.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is again trying to make that argument as they continue to support a $400 million tax increase on hospitals that would be passed on to patients.

We know. Just using the word "tax" in a sentence these days is enough to make
many people in Wisconsin ill. But this is different, because the tax actually
will help to reduce costs, which is why the Wisconsin Hospital Association, the
very group whose members will bear the tax, is solidly behind the proposal.

The thinking by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is as follows:

The Democrats increase taxes on the hospitals. In doing so, the state government then gets higher Medicaid kickbacks from the federal government. The state government then pays the hospitals at a higher rate for Medicare costs.

Next the hospitals received a tax increase, but in addition they also received higher Medicaid payments from the state.

In theory, the hospitals should be passing on the extra Medicaid payments as a savings to us, the patients.

Amazingly, things never seem to work out that way- do they?

Inevitable, the government always has an excuse as to why they could not pass the savings onto the common taxpayer.

This type of government thinking in the past has burned us. Can you say tax increase and Miller Park? This also was supposed to eventually be a savings for the average taxpayer. Funny how things did not work out that way.

Every single Wisconsinite is feeling the pinch of today’s economy.

Just like the average Wisconsinite, our state government is just going to have to bite the bullet and cut back on their spending. That is life. This is how grownups act.

The Democrats in this state want to stick it to middle class Wisconsin and force the taxpayers to bail them out of their horrible spending habits.

These guys have been spending money like drunken sailors and now it is time to fulfill all of those campaign promises that they made to their constituents.

Even the Democrats (yes, Senator Wirch, I am talking about you), made campaign promises not to raise taxes. Once again, they are going back on their word because the financial squeeze is on.

Yes, there is an economic slowdown and there is not way to just pin the blame on the Republicans.

The Democrats are going to have to learn how to make the tough choices and fulfill their commitments anyway. That is what the rest of us grownups in Wisconsin are doing. Now it’s there turn.

Once again, the Democrats may have been able to snooker the MJS editors, but they cannot snooker the rest of us.

We know that a tax increase means just that- a TAX INCREASE!

No more tax increases!

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