Saturday, December 22, 2007

Long live King Jim Doyle!

There he goes again, one single man, rewriting a law in our state, and then signing that law into affect.

Whether you are for or against the new cable access bill, that is beside the point. Governor Jim Doyle significantly rewrote the bill that passed in our state legislature and then immediately signed the bill into law.

Our state legislators could go back and attempt to override the Governor's vetoes, but with a split legislature, that is unlikely to happen.

Democrats have already stated that they are not the least bit interested in overriding the Governor's vetoes.

"I don't think there's any (vetoes) that gut the substance of the bill," said Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee), its chief Senate sponsor.

This statement comes from the big dog, the head man in charge of getting the original bill pushed threw the state Senate.

Senator Plale spent hours and hours writing and rewriting this piece of legislation. Legislators spent hours and hours in endless hearings, listening to both sides make their case. All of that work went right down the drain the moment they placed a bill on Governor's desk.

What happened to your spine, Senator Plale and Senate Democrats?

What has happened here clearly signals two things:

First, our Democrat controlled state Senate consists of a bunch of weaklings. The Democrats controlling the Senate do not have the courage to even make an attempt override their Governor.

Clearly, Senate Democrats do not represent their constituents in their home districts, nor will they stand up and fight for their constituents. The needs and the cares of their constituents mean nothing to these Senate Democrats. Senate Democrats represent Governor Jim Doyle. What Doyle wants, Doyle gets from his obedient servants in the state senate.

Governor Jim Doyle is king and the Democrats in the state Senate are his court jesters turning back flips for their king.

Secondly, this signals that the state of Wisconsin has given too much power to one man.(or woman, someday)

Currently there is no balance of power in Wisconsin's state government. Our state legislature has very little power to control what the governor is allowed to get away with. The state legislature is not an equal partner in governing the state of Wisconsin

In the 1930's, Wisconsin handed the power of the state over to one single person- the Governor. In the 1990's the people of Wisconsin partially fixed this problem when the "Vanna White" veto power was removed.

Next up is the the Frankenstein Veto power that our governor has.

The idea that the governor can cross out words and clump together a bunch of other words in order to rewrite legislation, is a power that no governor, from any political party, should have.

By dragging their heals on the Frankenstein veto vote in the State Senate, Senate Democrats allowed this to happen. They held off on voting for the Frankenstein veto in order to let the Governor change the budget debated a few months ago. In this veto, the Governor doubled the cap on the amount of taxes that local governments are allowed to charge taxpayers.

Now we have another piece of legislation that the Governor has completely rewritten.

Yes folks, clearly we have a "weak in the knees" state Senate led by Democrats and a governor who is king.

As Democrats across the state are running for election next year for either State Senate or State Assembly, you wonder if any of them have the courage to stand up to their governor.

The reality is, Democrats across the state are closely aligning themselves with Governor Jim Doyle. They worship their king.

What is the state Democrats mantra in 2008?

"Long live King Doyle!"?

It sure seems like it!

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