Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pelosi- $16,000 in taxpayer money for flowers

H/T Todd @ The Right Side of Wisconsin

This stuff will infuriate you, these are our tax dollars at work-

House members get $555,000,000 a year to spend on travel expenses, entertaining and staff members

Pelosi spent $16,058 on flowers this year.( Hastert spent nothing on flowers)

Pelosi spent over $60,000 on travel expenses( Hastert spent $1,700)

Pelosi has 51 staff members(Hastert had 35 staff members)

Pelosi spent $10,000 for a speech writer for one single speech.

We all expect additional costs with the transition from Republicans to Democrats, but this is ridiculous.

Folks, we only have 435 members of the House- they have given themselves $555 million. Some is for staff members and I understand that, but a majority of this money is not spent on staff.

So, this is our new Democrat controlled fiscally conservative Congress?

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