Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is it time to move?

Wow, the Kenosha News has pulled together this chart showing approximately how much more in taxes the average Kenosha county resident is paying this year compared to last year. Kenosha county residents this is how much your taxes have gone up in one year:

Brighton/Westosha : $348.11

Brighton/Union Grove: $324.24

Brighton/Wheatland: $382.78

Bristol/Westosha: $160.16

Bristol/Paris: $304.50

Bristol/Salem: $409.18

Kenosha/Bristol: $59.05

Kenosha: $138.13

Kenosha/Paris: $146.56

Paddock Lake: $123.94

Paris: $160.07

Even more stunning than these numbers is the amount that property taxes have gone up in Kenosha since 1998:


Kenosha has seen a 48.5% increase in property taxes in the last nine years.

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