Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Are they allowed to do that?


American troops seen praying in Iraq on Christmas Eve-

I betcha this lady is going to give them a nasty lecture-

(Photo borrowed from Badger Blogger)

So, Annie Laurie Gaylor, are you going to try and shut these guys down too?

These military fellows even went so far as to get themselves a Christmas tree too.

Now, I don't hate Ms. Gaylor or her group for trying to shut down our religious freedoms.

In fact, our American soldiers are fighting for her right to speak her mind.

However, now is the time to fight back.

Americans have sat back for too long and allowed Ms. Gaylor and her friends to shut down our rights.

It is our turn to speak.

I admire the mayor and the city council in Green Bay who displayed the nativity scene that has got Ms. Gaylor and her buddies all up in arms.

Here is the story connected with the photos of our American soldiers.

Our guys are over there fighting hard and we are proud of them. Pray for them to get their mission accomplished quickly and come home to all of us, safe and sound.

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