Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Government spends too much money

I don't care how many ways our government tries to spin it, Wisconsin government spends too much money.

A recent survey done by WPRI shows that a walloping 62% of Wisconsinites believes their government is flat out spending too much money.

I am not sure how our government can continue to justify this type of majority of people feeling that the government is spending too much money and yet, they continue to raise taxes, so they can spend more.

Surely our government recognizes that our state is running a deficit right now and yet they continue to spend more and more.

Governor Jim Doyle cannot balance a budget.

In fact, I am not sure if he really wants to balance the budget.

In the next few weeks, Governor Jim Doyle will stand up in front of our state and once again make the claim that he balanced the budget. He will also make the claim that Wisconsin families are better off because of his leadership.

Democrat legislators will nod their heads in agreement and applaud, never once paying attention to how Wisconsin families really feel about their government.

Clearly, Wisconsin families believe their government is spending too much of their money.

So how do we fix this problem?

How do we finally get through to our government that we have had enough?

Ultimately, we as taxpayers, get the government that we elect.

Clearly we continue to elect officials that promise to stop spending taxpayer money frivolously, but who never follow through on that promise.

As voters we have known for years that we have this problem. Yet, when election season rolls around we blindly believe an ad we see on television or even something we read in the newspaper.

We let these same politicians convince us that the most important issue during the election is stem cell research or something similar. We let these politicians convince us that we HAVE to publicly finance stuff like stem cell research, even though the private firms are more than willing to continue to do it.

It is almost like we put blinders on and refuse to see what is really happening.

What would really be really interesting is see what area of government the taxpayers feel our legislators are overspending on.

Is it education or health care or perhaps an "all of the above" answer.

What I do know is that until we are willing to hold our government accountable during elections, this vicious cycle will never end.

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