Tuesday, December 25, 2007

To our soldiers...

Yes, it is 5:30 on Christmas morning, and I am wide awake. I have been awake for well over an hour now.

This morning, my mind immediately went to our US troops serving overseas. I know that they are already up and working this morning.

All across the world this morning, our military friends are standing guard. From Korea to Germany to Afghanistan and Iraq, our soldiers stand in a precarious situations. They don't get the day off, just because it is Christmas.

As you sit down with your family and friends today, say a prayer for our soldiers who are so far away from their family and friends.

We all will be bellying up to our favorite Christmas dinners and many of these soldiers will be eating MRE's today.

God bless you men and women who are serving and protecting our families and our homes today.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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