Thursday, December 27, 2007

Removing the school district lines

I am more than a little curious as to what people think of this.

In Kenosha, next year's high school freshman and their parents will be able to pick the high school their kids will be able to attend.

Kenosha News

The two boundary schools - Tremper and Bradford - might get most of the press since that's where the majority of students go based on where they live, but there are four other schools that focus on specific interests and needs.

Each of those schools - Harborside Academy, LakeView Technology Academy, Indian Trail Academy, and Reuther Central - will have open houses so prospective students and parents can get more information.

I think it is great that our high schools will be forced to compete for students and the best teachers.

As a parent, if you are looking to surround your child with advanced students, clearly from the test results alone, LakeView is a great school:

(blue and green are good on this chart, red and yellow not so good)

However, all of the schools have advanced and not so advanced students

Indian Trail also offers students the opportunity to excel:

The good news is that each of Kenosha's High Schools, including Bradford and Tremper offer kids the opportunity to excel.

Just like everything else in life, students and parents need to make the effort and make education a priority.

I went to high school in a district that allowed parents the opportunity to send their children to any public school in the district. It worked. At the time, it was considered to be one of the top school districts in Texas.

This should be interesting in Kenosha.

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