Saturday, December 29, 2007

Video game tax

This story has been out for a little while and due to the holidays, very few have really noticed it.

The latest sin tax proposed by the Democrats is a video game tax.

State Senator Jon Erpenbach wants to 1% sales tax to every video game purchase in Wisconsin.

Let's start with the biggest problem.

Senator Jon Erpenbach wants to use the money to pay for 17 year old juvenile delinquents.

The idea of linking video games with children committing crimes, just does not seem fair.

My 6 year old niece will love hearing that her Pokemon video game will lead to illegal behavior.

Second biggest problem-

We are punishing people for not doing anything wrong. Buy a video game, pay an extra tax.

We have gone way beyond ridiculous with these tax schemes and fees in the state of Wisconsin.

Do these Democrats go to bed at night and dream up new ways to tax us?

Seriously, a video game tax?

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