Friday, December 07, 2007

UW-La Crosse- Double Whammy

First, UW La Crosse swipes an additional $600,000 from the taxpayers to give financial aid needy students from this year's budget.

Then UW La Crosse jacks the tuition rates by $1000 per student over the next two years.

Of course, this will make those same needy students need even more money and actually create even more needy students.

What is wrong with these folks running the UW system????

Now UW LaCrosse is looking for help from our legislators so they can use the taxpayer's money to pay for their tuition hikes.

JS Online: Newswatch

The regents also unanimously approved a UW-La Crosse plan to raise tuition by $1,000 over two years in order to increase enrollment and add faculty and staff.

UW-La Crosse officials now plan to seek a legislative change that would let them redirect about $600,000 in new state money they received this year to pay for financial aid so that needy students can afford the school's new price tag.

Of course, any legislator attempting to stand in the way of this double whammy, will be painted as vicious and not caring about needy students.

Once again, taxpayers in Wisconsin get a double dose of ineptitude and taxes.

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