Saturday, December 15, 2007

I care about baseball's drug use

Perhaps I am naive, but the Mitchell report has really gotten me angry.

I know that many others are treating this with a ho-hum attitude. Others have also said that they know that there are drugs in baseball and they don't really care or they are numb to it by now.


After years of BALCO and Barry Bonds, fans like Burman are almost numb to news that yet another player took a pharmaceutical short cut. The Mitchell Report might have been bigger and more noteworthy, but its shock value wore off a long time ago.

Well, I care. I expect better. I expect these so called professionals to end this practice immediately.

I don't believe that it will end immediately, especially since we now know that there is still no way to test against the human growth hormone.

I paid good money last year to go about a dozen games, easily dropping $350 to $400. I was also planning on purchasing a package of tickets for next season. I am not sure anymore.

Even though others do not care, I have soured on the game.

If I could only see a little remorse from those accused of cheating, I could move on a little faster. Instead all we hear from these guys is denial after denial.

If Bud Selig could least attempt to be little apologetic to the fans of the game, it might be easier to move on.

So far, none of these things have happened.

Why should I dump my hard earned money into watching a baseball game, when all I can sit there and do is wonder who on the field is doing drugs?

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