Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Budget mismanagement

Could someone please tell me how it is that our state government manages to collect more money than it ever has in taxes and fees, and still they cannot balance a budget?

Of course state law mandates that the budget be balanced, so Democratic Governor Jim Doyle is scrambling. Currently he is attempting to dump $100 million in over spending.

Why is it, less than two months after passing a budget, Doyle administrators are running around like chickens trying to dump $100 million is budget over expenditures.

I mean, for heaven's sake, the budget was only passed two months ago!

The answer to the above question is spending.

Governor Doyle and the state legislators increased spending in the state budget by 6.6%.

After debating the budget for months and months, the Governor's budget still is spending more money than it is bringing in.

So the dumping begins. The Governor has the audacity to claim that no one will not affected by these budget cuts:

$40 million will be dumped by the Department of Health and Human Services. Medicaid alone will be dumping $30 million.

$25 million will be dumped by the Department of Transportation.

$10 million be dumped by the Department of Corrections.

I am just not buying it.

Don't tell me that if you cut Medicaid by $30 million that some patients will not be hurt by this action.

What we are seeing in full view is horrifyingly bad money management on the state level.

There is absolutely no reason that the state is collecting more money in taxes and fees than ever before and the Governor still cannot spend the money in a proper fashion.

If the Governor is cutting Medicaid, then clearly our tax dollars are being spent on the wrong priorities.

Spending went up by 6.6%.

What is it that they are spending this money on?

For one thing, we are spending millions more for the UW system. Still UW increased the cost of tuition by hundreds of dollars per student each semester.

What are they spending the money on?

For Pete's sake, they increase taxes, they increase fees, and they increase tuition, and still it is not enough money.

It is time to hold our governor's feet to the fire and demand answers. He is not running for reelection any time soon, so there is no reason to lie to us.

In simple terms the Governor needs to explain what it is that he is spending money on, what are his priorities and why in the world we are all paying more money that ever to our state government and still our Grandma's Medicaid is being cut.

Grandma's Medicaid needs to be a priority over the Governor's state trips on taxpayer funded airplanes.

Grandma's Medicaid needs to take priority over the state purchase of more land, when the state already owns 1/5 of this state's properties. Here is a thought, why don't we

Most Wisconsinites willing pay their taxes. In exchange we expect a Governor and a state government that takes seriously the responsibility of spending our money is a responsible fashion.

Clearly, we have a Governor that does not know how to properly manage our taxes.

If we had a governor that could properly manage our money, we would not constantly be pressured into tax increases. The governor would not be scrambling with a week left, dumping $100 million that his administration is overspending on.

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